Springfield, IL – N Dirksen Parkway


2605 N Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62702

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
renovated car dealership with black windows in the front and green grass surrounding with a billboard on right side
Best car wash in town! Actually we use all the Club Car Wash locations but the north side is closest for us. The staff is wonderful and friendly. All of our cars are very clean after a wash. Well worth the monthly membership and thankful for the veterans family discount.We've had other memberships in town and Club is the best!
Candi S
15:27 19 Oct 22
Great customer service and experience.
Rocio H.
19:09 16 Oct 22
Cannot beat how well this washes your car staff is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this place
joe G.
14:48 16 Oct 22
Every time I come, I leave with a clean 🧼 vehicle!! Plus I tip the attendants!! They always are happy and pleasant. I get a towel at the start of my wash service… to dry my vehicle off. This a plus for me. The vacuum is always free. The place is clean and sanitize. This what customer,s are looking for!! Thank you very much for a clean vehicle!!! Plus a smile 😃 on my face!!!!
Baby B.
03:52 11 Oct 22
Drive in Carwash
Deborah C.
17:33 29 Sep 22
Clean and quality service
Mark E.
23:16 21 Sep 22
Justin and his entire crew are very professional and excellent customer service
Robert W.
22:00 16 Sep 22
Excellent Car wash and friendly hard working staff.
Mike B.
19:54 15 Sep 22
I love that they spray my car for bugs and other things that normally do not come off with just a wash
Lauri A.
22:45 14 Sep 22
Tuesday $10 special is the way to go!!
Benny W.
20:58 14 Sep 22
I enjoy the convenience of a car wash especially with a bad knee
Mark R.
23:28 12 Sep 22
Best car vacuum that I have used.
Kelly H.
17:32 12 Sep 22
Car washing
Matthew Noonan I.
15:06 12 Sep 22
As a veteran of our U.S. Army, the entire crew at the N.Dirksen spot are always smiling, and extremely gracious. I also love how my car seriously shines, and it smells good too.
Susan L.
02:56 12 Sep 22
Good facility
Deb W.
00:38 12 Sep 22
Always pleased with the service and the outcome.
Marjorie S.
22:01 11 Sep 22
Always leaves my car shining!
Joe D.
20:01 11 Sep 22
Have been using club car wash for almost a year at least 3 times a week. The workers are awesome!! I love that if I wash my car and something happens I can wash it the same day again :)
Susan H.
15:03 11 Sep 22
We love the location. Cleans well. Has a large area to cleanthe inside of the car.
Bertha M.
14:51 11 Sep 22
Car wash
Jennifer M.
02:48 11 Sep 22
Great car wash love the way it cleans my vehicle
Linda D.
00:34 11 Sep 22
Haven't used all of the above but I'm sure I will. Really glad I joined the car wash club, very impressed 👏
Christine H.
23:21 10 Sep 22
Jim S.
23:11 10 Sep 22
Club car wash is excellent!
Joanne H.
21:14 10 Sep 22
It is very easy to get your car cleaned.
Bill A.
20:23 10 Sep 22
Great place to get your car washed. Everyone is very friendly and your car gets cleaned very well.
Tom S.
18:50 10 Sep 22
Best deal in town! Showroom finish after every visit. Would recommend their services to anyone who likes a clean vehicle.
Michael S.
18:40 10 Sep 22
I like how well they take care of the car they make sure it's good and clean, they put a nice spray wax for clear coat on and they're rags at the end that are automatically do a good job of rubbing it on like it should be and then the high pressure air for drying the car is very good. And there area for vacuuming out the car by the customer, is great, the other good part about their vacuuming service you don't have to do a car washing stop by and do a vacuum anytime you want no extra cost. I have signed up for their monthly car wash fee which seems to be a very good bargain, cuz I get the best wash that they offer and I can do this often as I want in a month for $40 where can you beat that deal?
Richard W.
18:32 10 Sep 22
Entire staff is professional and courteous.
Monica F.
18:21 10 Sep 22
Great to be able to pay a subscription and wash vehicle whenever. Great military discount offered as well.
Brian M.
18:19 10 Sep 22
The Club Car Wash is great. Josh kid always does a exceptional job.
Ashley T.
17:52 10 Sep 22
Love this car wash.
Troy and Carrie H.
17:50 10 Sep 22
I have never had a bad car wash there! Wonderful people!
Kelly C.
17:50 10 Sep 22
Everything was great. Car looked like new after using service. Would recommend!
Janet G.
17:39 10 Sep 22
Great car wash! Even the employees are great. They always take excellent care of the customers!!!
ross E.
17:37 10 Sep 22
Best wash a car could ever get. Larry
Larry H.
17:31 10 Sep 22
All the staff is great. Enjoy seeing their smiles in the morning
Becky H.
17:29 10 Sep 22
Love the car wash but sometimes it flips my side mirrors out. I have a mud size car so mot really sure why it does thisThe vaccuums are great. People are friendly and energetic.
Jeanette C.
17:28 10 Sep 22
Jeff F.
17:26 10 Sep 22
I love Club car wash, pleasant staff and my car gets clean!!! Thank you
Priscilla B.
17:25 10 Sep 22
Club car wash is an automated car wash so none of the services listed above are performed. The staff spray down your car before you enter the car wash. The staff seem very friendly and professional. I try to always leave a to.
Maureen G.
17:23 10 Sep 22
Great place to drive through car wash. They do a wonderful job of spraying the bugs off the front of my SUV and shine the tires. The auto wash does a great job also. I love the free vacuum area and wiping towels suppled by them. I drive through at least once a week. My auto looks awesome all the time. The auto pay makes it so convenient. I would recommend Club Car wash to everyone. Proud to be a member 😊
Janet S.
17:21 10 Sep 22
The do a great job of washing my car
Nadine M.
17:20 10 Sep 22
Love going through the car wash. Everyone is so courteous and go out of there way to make sure you have a pleasant experience. I like that it comes out of my account and can just drive right in. Best car wash ever!
Barb B.
17:19 10 Sep 22
For an Automatic car wash it does a fine job
George M.
17:17 10 Sep 22
All was good . I love the Wash job that they do.
Lois C.
17:17 10 Sep 22
Great place. Does a good job on your car.
Carol S.
17:14 10 Sep 22
I am a member of this car wash. Love this place. Great staff.
Denise M.
17:14 10 Sep 22
I love Club Car Wash. for the price of two car washes, I get unlimited car washes. Can’t beat it. And my car is always very clean upon leaving!
Sharon B.
17:14 10 Sep 22
I just appreciate the overall cleaning and prewash services. The young folks are always so pleasant. 😊
Cynthia D.
17:13 10 Sep 22
The employees and managers are always friendly.
jennifer S.
17:13 10 Sep 22
We need interior cleaning offered and car mat cleaners at both our new locations in Springfield il love the. Car wash
Nick Z.
17:12 10 Sep 22
Best car wash this fat guy had in a while
tbird G.
17:11 10 Sep 22
I feel like the trucks may be scratches and rims scratched but that's auto washes for ya 😅
james B.
13:57 31 Aug 22
$10 Tuesdays...nuff said. Also tip then boys that are hustling to get our cars and trucks gleaming.
treadLightly 0.
20:04 31 Jul 22
Great car wash. Awesome vacuums. $10/month deal for 3 months. Heck yes.
Susan W.
17:06 31 Jul 22
The subscriptions are a great value. The vacs and interior cleaning supplies are free. What's not to love?
14:41 31 Jul 22
They have a guy who smiles nonstop. He makes my day when I see him. Great staff and service!
Bethany V.
19:04 17 Jul 22
I will have to say that even is this car wash was sub part (which it is not) the employees would make it worth it. They are always fantastic and friendly. Today employees were cleaning the lot and as I passed each on of them they stopped and waved. They are also always smiling even if they don't know you are looking. My only wish is that it was touchless, I cannot take my new car through it but my wife's older car goes through all the time. Keep up the great work.
Keith L.
19:18 18 Jun 22
Love them!!!!!
Bev R.
00:44 18 Jun 22
Best car wash in Springfield! Very powerful vacuums that get all the dog hair out of my car and the best part is, they’re FREE! The car wash itself is great too. They offer specials on certain days and an affordable membership. Definitely check this place out!
Amy F.
20:59 16 Jun 22
Employees are nice deal was excellent for club membership and wash really gets vehicle clean as I am handicapped its a great deal
Nick Z.
18:42 02 Jun 22
STILL! The best in town......by far!
R D.
15:04 30 May 22
Liked the pre scrub pressure wash to get the gunk, like the free vaccums and free towels to dry off (more places should have free towels to use since the air dry at any place never really gets it all dry.)
00:28 20 May 22
The best! Busy as always. Go to the north location if you can, it does a better job.
Thomas G.
16:17 08 May 22
Pretty great concept!
Mandy L.
23:43 04 May 22
Very good system with excellent prewash, plenty of towels to use and hi powered vacuums
Ben M
19:59 02 May 22
Love the Club so does my car
Rick O
23:03 19 Mar 22
Great car Wash get your clean car spotless
Malissa B.
20:46 09 Mar 22
Best car wash in town
Shari B.
18:21 05 Mar 22
I love how clean my vehicle gets every time. My favorite part is the way my tires sparkle after every wash.
Mary C.
18:37 01 Mar 22
Great car wash, cleans great. Powerful vacuum. Friendly staff
Kevin M.
23:27 26 Feb 22
I pay 10 $ a month and it does a great job. The employees are very nice
karen B.
15:20 26 Feb 22
I don’t know if Justin is owner or manager but definitely should. Guy spent 20 minutes spray washing chunks of ice off my truck before even entering the wash. Nice to see work ethic like this at any type of job. Much appreciated.
Darren G.
16:27 05 Feb 22
Great car wash and friendly service. The vacuums are great!
Kyle M.
20:25 20 Jan 22
Great car wash club for the price of you use it regularly.
Blake K.
09:56 16 Jan 22
Love it! They do great job cleaning your car! It's quick to get in and out, when you want to wash your car!
Mike M.
23:58 18 Dec 21
Very nice employees I was about 10 minutes early and they opened up so I wouldn't have to wait
Robert S.
15:50 13 Dec 21
The place is awesome
Mark D.
20:55 28 Nov 21
Clean car is a happy car. Got get you a membership!!
Christine S.
20:41 24 Nov 21
I belong to the monthly club, it is great to just zip through every time I am in town. The staff are amazing and the car always comes out sparkling clean.
m j
17:37 22 Nov 21
Great car wash made the car sparkle
Cindy L.
19:34 20 Nov 21
Very good wash service. Can be crowded but early day works. Special on Tuesdays.
Richard I. O.
20:00 23 Oct 21
Excellent car wash, best drive through car wash I’ve ever had. The membership is well worth it.
20:09 21 Oct 21
Love this place I wash my truck at least once a week it gets dirty at work
Joshua O.
03:23 16 Oct 21
Great service!
Jeanette W
19:09 15 Oct 21
Great car wash great staff
Christine Z.
04:17 23 Sep 21
Best car wash in Springfield.
Chuck F.
15:59 19 Sep 21
Friendly employees professional atmosphere very clean lot equipment all works car look shiny free vacuums and towels are A+
Zac Z.
20:02 18 Sep 21
The best car wash! My car looks amazing every time!
Danielle H.
08:42 17 Sep 21
The staff did a great job with the pre-wash, the vacuums were super powerful. Glad I have the membership to visit whenever I need a good cleaning.
Denise J.
02:14 03 Sep 21
Friendly staff, and a drive thru wash that ACTUALLY cleans as advertised
Zac D.
22:48 31 Jul 21
Love this place
Brenda M.
21:08 23 Jul 21
The best car wash experience in town and I go as often a I can! We get the MVP wash and it's amazing. No water spots on the windows or mirrors, all the chrome sparkles, the tires look great, and everything actually comes clean! Every employee is completely professional and gives great service at both locations in Springfield. My favorite part is getting a fresh towel every time to wipe down the dash while the car is being washed. And all for $10/month for the first 3 months??? I highly recommend!!
Lindsay T.
18:09 23 Jul 21

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