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2015 2nd Street
Coralville, IA 52241

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Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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It’s a good service and a huge improvement over the previous car wash company that held this location for decades. The service is quick and the employees are friendly at both local locations. Only one downside, but it’s a doozy: they use old school cylinder bristles*. Now, I’m not saying that I want a touchless wash (that was the problem with the previous car wash company, which NEVER got my car clean), but this type leaves micro scratches and swirl marks all over the clear coat. For the amount of money I pay for a premium monthly membership, I really, REALLY wish they would upgrade to soft cloth strips. I take my 2016 Challenger here all the time because the swirl marks are already part of the car’s character, but once I get a new car, I’ll have to end my membership and go somewhere else.Also…can someone tell me how the towel system works? I’ve been a member for a couple years now, and I still don’t know where the return is, if I’m supposed to return the towel on the next visit or same day, etc.Overall: a very solid wash that is well worth the monthly membership. This location is not as good as the Iowa City one (smaller building which gives the perception—real or imagined—of a shorter and less through wash—and one of the oddest mistakes with parking lot construction and turn bend that I’ve ever seen), but I’m still really glad it’s here.*Note to Club Car Wash owners: if I’m mistaken about the type of bristles you use (I really don’t think I am, but you never know), please respond and I’ll be glad to change my review.
Flint I.
22:40 16 Oct 22
Decent automatic wash. Free damp towels to wipe down the interior. Strong vacuums. The blowers never completely dry my vehicle so I have to park and use a towel every time instead of just driving away, but there are free towels available so it's more of a minor annoyance.
Taylor S.
21:41 02 Oct 22
My kids love when I pull up to this car wash for their $10 Tuesday MVP wash! We turn on Car Wash by Rose Royce and the kids yell excitedly when those rainbow bubbles coat the moonroof!Make sure you get a towel when you pay so you can wipe down that area inside the doors and tailgate.
Love the $10 Tuesday and get a great wash.
Jim B
17:40 27 Sep 22
When we went through, there were no towels. Only 4 of the drying bays have vacuums that reach to the back of your car. For the price, I expected more.Update: they are doing better with the towels, but the vacuums on the south side of the building still have short hoses. Kinda inconvenient with a minivan, they don't reach to the way back.
Brandon C.
22:14 23 Sep 22
Iys a great place to wash your car or truck they provide towels to wipe down your dash and the windows
George L.
16:07 21 Sep 22
The prices are competitive, and my vehicle usually comes out appearing very clean. I think a lot of this is owed to their employing staff to pre-wash vehicles with high pressure sprayers before entering the automatic wash.
Todd C.
22:08 18 Sep 22
Unlimited washes and vacuuming for a monthly fee! Great value it you like having a clean vehicle
Billy S.
18:42 18 Sep 22
The best place in town to wash and vacuum your car!
Steven V.
08:49 12 Sep 22
As drive through car washing goes, This is an easy and accommodating place to go. I appreciate the monthly membership since I live in an area with winter salt and summer dust and mud. Free vacuuming with plenty units for all is terrific and the damp and functional cloths offered to clean and polish are a very nice touch. I would wish that a little more notice would be taken in initial brushing and power-washing by attendants as we enter the car wash itself but in the whole, they get the job done. My grandkids love the light show within! I recommend.
kristin S.
20:13 10 Sep 22
I have had a good experience each time I visit. I like the damp clothes they have on site to wipe the inside of my car out.
Jodi C.
16:14 10 Sep 22
Good drive thru car wash. They even spray your tires.If you're not a member, they have a Tuesday special every week... get a $24 car wash for $10. Well worth it.
Greg M.
12:14 17 Aug 22
Great wash..nice staff ..can be little cheaper without membership.
20:50 24 Jul 22
My favorite car wash! Consistently clean car and powerful vacuums. Also, love having the microfiber cloth to wipe down inside and out.
Tracie N.
17:31 18 Jul 22
I am happy with them
Kian M.
18:35 13 Jul 22
Always fast!
Leslie C.
13:05 10 Jul 22
This place does a great job, they are organized and professional. It is new, modern and clean. Sometimes you can’t get a vacuum and the Indy washes are little expensive but well with it.
Frank H.
22:00 07 Jun 22
Great car wash and love the monthly unlimited subscription
Jess B.
20:52 17 Apr 22
Love the club....cleanest truck in town. The staff are very good at what they do!!!
Gordon Russell J.
17:03 12 Apr 22
Love how clean my Tahoe gets
Christina G.
14:20 19 Mar 22
Very nice facility
Brice H.
20:55 06 Mar 22
10/10 recommend!!
Alexis & Dalton S.
21:05 04 Mar 22
Get the VIP pass it's well worth it and they do an excellent job
Vicky I.
22:33 28 Feb 22
Excellent car wash
Dennis E.
21:51 16 Jan 22
Nice staff and great deals on Tuesdays
Amanda A.
21:15 09 Dec 21
The best car wash in town, ever!!!
Mike C.
18:11 04 Dec 21
I like the fact that they have multiple locations out of state.
Beonka G.
21:47 01 Dec 21
Decent car wash in town
Lin L.
20:55 06 Nov 21
Turn your vents on during the wash, your truck will smell like a candy store!
troy T.
23:25 09 Oct 21
It’s crazy how fast and easy it was. They do an awesome job.
Roy D
21:05 02 Oct 21
Removed 2000 miles of bugs. Free 2nd wash within 2 days
Bill S.
22:04 24 Sep 21
Bingo. Best wash for $10on Tuesdays. Great job.
Larry F.
11:15 21 Aug 21
Awesome service 👏
Hannah H.
21:47 17 Aug 21
Best car wash in the area.
Clinton D.
21:46 09 Aug 21
Great car wash! They have a monthly subscription service, but also offer non-member s. I got “the rookie” for $10 and was happy. Best part - FREE continuous vacuums after. 👍🏻👍🏻
John M.
01:41 25 Jun 21
Best car wash deal in town!
Dave N.
16:07 09 Jun 21
This place rocks!
Ellee S.
12:14 05 Jun 21
Car always staying shiny
01:45 03 Jun 21
The employees were so nice. The manager nathan offered to spray off our floor mats and we thought that was so nice. The place makes the old wash that was her look really bad. A ++++ for customer service.
Rachel V.
00:08 30 May 21
The best car wash I've ever been to
Keith M.
05:16 04 May 21
Awesome need one in every town
Kenneth P.
17:18 29 Apr 21
This place is awesome!! My car and tires are the cleanest they have ever been!! You won't regret getting a membership through this place.
Jen K.
21:01 27 Apr 21
Great wash. Friendly staff. Strong vacuums.
Eric R.
17:18 10 Apr 21
I would recommend to all.Nice N curious employees.I'm satisfied N happy.
Gordon Russell J.
21:33 08 Apr 21
It's open!
Tom F.
18:28 03 Apr 21

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