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N 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68127

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Service workers are very attentive and good listeners
Dineka J.
12:38 19 Oct 22
It is the smoothest process ever. Washing my car used to be such a dreaded ordeal, now it something my kid & I look forward to. It is so handy since I live by a dirt road, my car is always dirty it seems. And the EXCELLENT wash job they do is off the charts AMAZING! The staff is do sweet as well.This place is well worth a visit!! Don't bother w/ the 1 time wash JUST GET THE UNLIMITED bc you'll be back I promise!!
Kt C.
17:16 14 Oct 22
Very friendly and professional staff.I was going to join another car wash facility but I'm grateful that I joined your place instead.
Gpeaches F.
03:42 04 Oct 22
Truck comes out pretty clean every time. The do take time to try to prewash so it looks good on the other end.
Matthew M.
04:47 25 Sep 22
Good service!
Lethaniel L.
23:33 14 Sep 22
Club Car Wash is a great place to wash your. I was using another car wash service prior to joining this one and this one is the best by far. The wash service is great and You won’t be disappointed when using the perks-from the towels to the window cleaner. The vacuums always work and there is plenty of room and spaces for you to clean your car out or dry after your wash. The staff are great, always smiling and being helpful. The location is great and it is easy to access. Definitely look forward to the next time.
Shelina W.
11:48 13 Sep 22
High quality car wash. Monthly membership is worth it!
Ernesto M.
14:47 31 Aug 22
To the two morning guys working in the tunnel this morning…excellent job. Y’all deserve raises.
Cory R.
14:17 27 Aug 22
So worth the 💰!!! Its an awesome deal to keep your vehicle clean all year long and as many times as you want in a week. I love going here. And the vacuums work very very well! Unlimited towels is a sweet bonus too! Awesome 🚗 wash club!!!!
Lisa I.
15:27 22 Jul 22
My car looks great after going thru the wash. The supply of hand towels to wipe my car down inside and out plus window cleaner for the windows. The vacuums are the best I've seen in 45 years. They have the force of a small race car. My car looks like it came of the showroom floor everytime I exit the wash. The staff is super friendly and helpful! It's a must for on the go people. Thanks Club Car Wash for being in the area!
Terence C.
09:57 29 Jun 22
Great car wash at reasonable price! Vacuums are super powerful & convenient. Towels & windex are added bonus & much appreciated (lots of dog slobber on windows 😉)! Super friendly staffed, didn’t try to push buying membership.
Lori W.
17:11 27 Jun 22
Staff is very nice and my car is nice and clean! Love the rags they give you and the vacuums are amazing!!
Jessica B.
15:11 21 Jun 22
We visit multiple times a week. They deliver a great quality car wash. Sometimes there is a line, but it always goes quick. I like that they have a quick lane for members. And that they hand out damp towels to wipe down the inside of the vehicle while you're going through the wash. They also offer free vacuums!
Penny M.
05:25 16 Jun 22
love it got a mambership
Joe O.
05:29 30 May 22
Great customer service
Deanna T.
03:57 26 May 22
Great place! Absolutely the vacuums and the free use of cloths after my wash.
Thomas M
01:35 25 May 22
Always a pleasure
Gary H.
09:18 13 May 22
Best car wash! My kids love it. Everyone there is so nice, and they pre-spray your vehicle thoroughly!!!!
Samantha K.
16:26 10 May 22
Daron has great customer service he was really huge help! I love this car wash the vacuums are amazing and the only car wash that gets under the car
Nia B.
18:21 29 Apr 22
Daron was the best!! Love it when the young ones make eye contact and engage with some old fashioned customer service. Keep rocking it Daron!
Donna H.
00:52 23 Apr 22
Amazing first time going. Awesome customer service. My lifted truck fit as well.
Brett W.
06:55 20 Apr 22
Not 2 busy. Vacuumed 1st then had the vehicle washed. Staff was great.
Michael S.
04:31 17 Apr 22
It's a good car wash. I did the $10 per month promo for 3 months then canceled. I liked that we could go any amount of times per day, but wouldn't need to if soap bubbles weren't left on mirrors buy the dryers at the end w heater is very nice. I love the scented soap and colorful soap!! Employees are very nice. Free vacuums are nice and do a good job. Lines are never really long and the rare times they are they move through quickly.
Susie P.
16:33 10 Apr 22
I like the way they wash and clean out the cars
Ty'Rai L.
01:34 29 Mar 22
Nice and fast
Johnnie Lee Harrell J.
16:54 28 Mar 22
Im a member. Love it.
22:53 20 Mar 22
Even with long lines I got in quickly with a good car wash. Staff friendly.
Louann N.
02:22 18 Mar 22
Great car wash with new features and deals.
Tamir B
03:49 15 Mar 22
Long lines but they move quick. They have a $10 month promo package for 3 months on wash
shawntae L.
01:03 11 Mar 22
Joined today. Was busy so seemed to have been rushed thru!
Linda J.
18:54 01 Mar 22
Suv is shining like a diamond 💎
Michael M.
23:09 27 Feb 22
Tony C.
23:59 12 Feb 22
Fast and friendly service and the vacuums were great
steve W.
11:23 07 Feb 22
Best place to get the truck washed just pull up gate will open if tmyou are a member its nice don't have to put in a code at all
Justin B.
00:10 04 Feb 22
I switched from rocket car wash because this place was closer to home and so far so good! Can definitely tell they go a little bit further to make sure your vehicle is cleaned. Prices are decent. Staff is pretty cool from the few I've talked to. If you're on the fence, just do it.
Kolby J.
01:50 30 Jan 22
1/27/2022This worked real nice. The van got clean, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the vacuum really sucks.They also have a grand opening promo going on for $10 a month for 3 months. Not bad, not bad at all.
Ray W.
17:52 27 Jan 22
This is a nice place.
Miss Mills B.
22:40 24 Jan 22
Nice job on car wash nice crew and manger and towel to clean interior nice touch
Chris S
16:48 24 Jan 22
Got the promo for 3 months. Great wash, should get me through winter
John N.
03:16 22 Jan 22
Awesome place and awesome deal
Daniella F.
01:08 21 Jan 22
I came here and tried out Club Car Wash during their $1 fundraiser benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. The process was smooth and pleasant. At the start of the wash you can get a towel for wiping your dashboard during the wash. Before entering the automatic washers they had someone spray cleaning foam all over your vehicle. You are thru the machines within 5mins. Only downfall (but this is with all automatic washers) is that they don’t do a very good job cleaning the back of Hatchbacks. Overall a nice experience.
Mark W.
18:11 15 Jan 22
My rear wiper blade was severely damaged by another company’s car wash, and decided to give Club a try instead… so glad I did. I entrusted my car to this car wash, and wasn’t disappointed. My car came out sparkling and nothing got ripped off! I will be joining their car wash club😊
Dawn W.
00:33 12 Jan 22
New car wash great wash.
Russ R.
19:09 11 Jan 22
awesome car wash car came out super clean and it was nasty from all the winter road salt. i like how the brushes are really soft so it doesn't beat up your paint.i will deffinetly he back.some quick improvements/ ideas:1. improve information sign a bit when entering, i got kinda confused that it was a belt/track system so i was braking thinking my car was pulling when it was just the track pulling my car along. maybe make it more noticable, a lot was going on at once.2. The girl taking my card payment was super nice but she was shivering/freezing, maybe make a little employee box with a small roof, to keep them warmer it was freezing out, also would double as shade during the summer.3. prices all show different plans and memberships, which is awesome and you have some pretty dang good deals.Do you guys offer 1 time car washes? I personally would rather just pay each time i come- i'm weird, and i'm not big on subscriptions and auto payments etc. i couldn't find much info on the brocure about single car wash purchases.thanks for the great car wash!
Taco B.
05:27 11 Jan 22
The only thing I didn't like was there is no mirror to see to stick your tire in, since it's automatic
courtney W.
19:14 08 Jan 22

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