Omaha, NE – S 72nd Street


S 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68122

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Drone view of Club Car Wash in Omaha, Nebraska
Vehicle looks good after car wash
Frank L.
13:12 19 Oct 22
Very satisfied.
Timothy H.
14:13 10 Oct 22
Great customer service! They did a phenomenal job! Recommend 💯
Katelin K.
01:57 09 Oct 22
I really like it here they are very respectful and helpful
Jose L.
21:17 19 Sep 22
Great job cleaning the outside of car EVERY TIME
larry S.
18:56 19 Sep 22
I was pretty happy with my experience at the car was we will be back
Don B.
16:56 19 Sep 22
Once they opened I made the switch. A couple of my buddies made the switch too. Great facility and friendly staff. Tire shine is on point and my whole car gets clean
Bill P.
13:29 13 Sep 22
Great place for washing your cars! Love it!
Mick R.
14:25 12 Sep 22
I love this place it does a good job on my truck and car and everyone asked me where did I have it done at and I always tell the club car wash very good I would recommend it
richard P.
21:51 11 Sep 22
Clean and shiny ✨ as always, Nebraska is as good as Kansas (almost)
James Overstreet S.
21:19 11 Sep 22
Have been most happy with the washes
Dennis P.
20:34 11 Sep 22
love this wash!
Julie K.
19:19 11 Sep 22
I love this car wash. I'm obsessed I think I go everyday. It's clean, the employees are great. The vacuums are my favorite thing. They provide cleaning towels to clean the dash. I tell everyone to go there. It was the best thing that came to neighborhood.
debbie K.
18:16 11 Sep 22
Wonderful service of washing my vehicle. Especially when I return from the out of town trips to remove the bugs. I also love the quickness and I’ve used the services located on both ends of Omahha. I think there’s a 3rd service going up in Bellevue. I am usually all around the area. Great in and out service.
Evon C.
17:31 11 Sep 22
They are very pleasant and fast ! Vacuum is always working really well! Everything is always clean! A great place to was your car!
Marie angela B.
16:29 11 Sep 22
Great location and excellent staff
Marc L.
16:00 11 Sep 22
I think it's great that you have Veterans discount others should do the same about time people appreciate our service
Edward S.
15:34 11 Sep 22
Very good
Stanislaw K.
15:21 11 Sep 22
I love it there best car wash
Freddy R.
15:18 11 Sep 22
Have my car shinning wheels and all
nothing N.
15:18 11 Sep 22
I used the car wash and the vacuums and it was very nice.
Michelle S.
15:12 11 Sep 22
Un excelente servicio
Omaha Revolution En A.
15:10 11 Sep 22
Beat car was in town!
joel M.
15:07 11 Sep 22
The car wash was good , as usual. Have a membership, use it often .
ronald V.
01:53 21 Aug 22
Love this location. It's by my work so I take my work trucks here. Employees are cool. Seems like they care about cleaning the vehicles.Car wash does good job. Drying isn't always the greatest but oh well. Most aren't perfect.
Kolby J.
13:46 05 Aug 22
Kinda busy but worth it
keith K.
04:40 22 Jul 22
Does a nice job. They offer a towel to wipe the inside
Joan K.
17:40 21 Jul 22
Great new car wash. Employees are super nice! I think they have the best vacuums in town!
Kellie O
21:58 20 Jul 22
Best Vacuums in town and best prices
Shelley T.
11:30 19 Jul 22
Good job and located is great
Joe W.
11:17 11 Jul 22
Love the VIP account. So fast and easy to get in and out.
Dolly J.
00:14 09 Jul 22
Good place. Seems to be busy yet efficient most of the time
Pj B
07:17 03 Jul 22
We have fun going to the car wash. The attendance there are so nice! Your car gets nice and clean. Especially when you have birds that like to boo boo all over your car. You can go once a day and you get your money's worth for $35 30 car washes can't go wrong
22:27 01 Jul 22
I love it!
Kathryn G.
01:34 27 Jun 22
Good car was but seems the cleanliness varies
Scott G.
00:39 22 Jun 22
I get the work van done thanks to my employer and club putting together a deal. The fast pass arm didnt go up, and an attendent was right there to get me through. Perfectly satisfied with this location. 72nd and L st.
Paul N.
20:45 16 Jun 22
Quality car washes for a reasonable price.
Penny M.
05:45 16 Jun 22
The best car wash in Omaha love washing my cars at club car wash
Ricardo L.
01:55 04 Jun 22
Fast and easy. $40 Club Members *****
Auto N.
03:45 27 May 22
Fast, Clean, Quick & efficient!
K M.
18:08 06 May 22
Love it fast friendly nd everything works
Mechi H.
02:55 30 Apr 22
I absolutely love it.Never had any issues there. The employees are very friendly.
Donell H.
18:19 27 Apr 22
Great wash, pre wash is done by hand, tire shine at the end with the right package and you can get a moistened towel to clean your dash and interior either during the wash or when you use their great vacuums.
David N.
17:51 24 Apr 22
Hands down best membership car wash in the metro. Try it out.. The wash is nearly flawless and my oversized wheel base truck even fitscwith no issue.
Jeremy Z.
03:26 19 Apr 22
Great service, friendly staff,
Jon M.
23:18 12 Apr 22
Kody B.
20:48 10 Apr 22
Great deals when they opened. They don’t call back when they said they would. The wash started scratching up my hood after 3 visits.Parking lot stays clean though and the line goes pretty quick to get through the wash.
KidSquad M.
16:21 09 Apr 22
A very nice car wash. They keep both cars very clean.
Marlon W.
13:46 29 Mar 22
It’s a great experience… nice staff and more importantly cool $ tag 🤗🤗
Saptarshee C.
22:01 26 Mar 22
Very good wash.
Starion B.
04:17 24 Mar 22
Great price on Tuesdays, and rain guarantee!
Sharon M.
16:20 23 Mar 22
It got my vehicle mostly clean, I noticed in some of the corners or edges and on the back there were some spots missed. They get vehicles thru fast and their monthly memberships are reasonably priced. Big line last time I was there and only took 10 minutes to get thru, fast and efficient!
Kile S.
15:17 19 Mar 22
Signed up for the $40/ month wash plan. They have a current special where it is only $10/month for 3 months. I have used it several times and it gets my car clean. I appreciate the dash cloth to dust my dash with. I love that there were two people blasting three power washers as my car came into the wash. Keep up the good work
Jason B.
14:11 15 Mar 22
Great introductory prices. Who does $1.00 car washes?! Club Car Wash does. Well, they did during the grand opening. Now, the wash club pricing is $10.00 per month (for any level for 3 months) - still a great price. Get in on that deal before the end of March. Free vacuuming and a damp cloth for the interior, and the end result is a clean car that smells great!
Anita R.
18:43 14 Mar 22
First time going today and the customer service was excellent. Washed my car …..and then I vacuumed up or lost my keys🥴 However the staff at this location were super helpful. They didn’t complain and actually tried to help. I ended up having to get my car towed home. Didn’t find my keys but I really appreciated the help today❤️❤️
Jasmine L.
14:41 09 Mar 22
It's a car wash
linda P.
01:47 08 Mar 22
Great employees, very helpful and friendly
Mark S
18:50 02 Mar 22
Best in town by far. Sparkling clean and I don't know how but it seems as if my truck repels dirt for days after.
Thomas D.
15:45 23 Feb 22
Great place
Lisa R.
04:13 21 Feb 22
Convenient, friendly workers, good equipment.
Becky N.
17:08 13 Feb 22
I have there 3 times on 72nd Street. Not sure I will renew it. Car is never fully clean and the dryer doesn't work well enough
Jonathan R.
14:59 13 Feb 22
I like this car wash. Joined 1 month ago.
M W.
16:07 08 Feb 22
Thought this place was great! Guys are friendly and helpful. Very efficient, love they give you a treated towel to wipe the inside of your car while going through the car wash. The vacuum stations are great and super appreciated!! Highly recommend!
05:59 08 Feb 22
It was fast. My car came clean.
Renee W.
16:39 07 Feb 22

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