Moore, OK – S Eastern Avenue


401 South Eastern Ave
Moore, OK 73160

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
I always bring my challenger here.. love this place
Vick F.
05:04 19 Oct 22
Military discount. YES! $20 month unlimited car wash and vacuuming.I love it!
Elizabeth Collins M.
20:17 16 Oct 22
Gets car pretty clean for auto wash.
michael M.
15:08 14 Oct 22
Does a great job. My car looks nice and shiny when I leave. Cleans my car better than other car washes that I've used in the past.
20:17 09 Oct 22
Went here for the first time tonight and this is a really good car wash and they provide towel and window cleaner. The vacuums work great will definitely be making this my new carwash home.
B E.
00:50 05 Oct 22
This has to be one of the best car washes I have used. Pleasant workers. Wish the opening was a little better planned seriously tight for large vehicles. But so pleased with the service
Lokie 4.
16:17 04 Oct 22
Love this place. I’m picky about keeping my car clean and this place makes it much easier! And the vacuums are great! So powerful. Highly recommend!
Melissa H.
03:49 30 Sep 22
Fast and amazing car wash I will definitely be coming back here again highly recommend
Gustavo C.
23:14 23 Sep 22
It is just minutes from My home.
claude B.
04:19 22 Sep 22
Excellent drive through car wash. Quick, efficient. Vaccume and dry off bays for customers. Interior micro cell rags and windex provided to customers. Bring your own paper towels suggested. I love Moore, OK!
Kevin H.
02:04 22 Sep 22
Quick, good service, free towel and my car was super clean. Thanks!
MaryAnn C
22:57 20 Sep 22
The only reason I gave a 4 instead of 5 is because my wheels always come out covered in grease. I don’t know if it’s from the tire shine they put on it what. But other than that, I love this place!!
Becky H.
12:04 20 Sep 22
Walk around with their towel almost always needed for finishing up what the brushes missed. Sometimes pops off hub cap, so the walk around is a good idea.
David L.
15:09 18 Sep 22
It's a car wash. It does ok
Marsha H.
16:13 16 Sep 22
I have a White car & I Always have to wipe the bottom part of my car bcuz the tire cleaner/shine gets sprayed while I'm driving out of the washing stall to the vacuums.
Kara Z.
19:52 15 Sep 22
I have waited years for a car wash to open that offers unlimited washes for a monthly fee. I am so happy Club Car Wash is within 5 miles of my home and also offers discounts for of the best deals you will find for a car wash in Moore, OK and surrounding areas!
18:16 15 Sep 22
We've had a GREAT experience thus far with CCW!!!Everyone I've encountered was friendly & helpful.My car is on point when I leave& I am grateful ALLLLLLL the vacuums I've used work well!!!
D. M.
18:09 15 Sep 22
Great place with helpful staff
Rick K.
18:07 15 Sep 22
I love this. It’s a great wash and fantastic vacuums!!!
Tacksicab. D.
16:12 15 Sep 22
Great service and great location
Best car wash in town.
Gene J.
15:44 15 Sep 22
I really like this car wash its best i have used so far it wash good and air dry is great and they got towels for detail to use
Bob W
15:32 15 Sep 22
Nice place to get your car washed
Tommy H.
15:29 15 Sep 22
I really like this place the staff is really professional and helpful when it comes to picking a membership package I love how my truck looks after it is washed
Kenneth M.
15:18 15 Sep 22
Love the customer service and the vacuums are powerful and works great! Car gets clean every time.
Marc S.
15:15 15 Sep 22
I love their car wash. They provide a clean soft towel for the interior and the vacuums are awesome.
Roben R.
15:13 15 Sep 22
It's a great place my car always looks so clean
Hope B.
15:13 15 Sep 22
The car wash does a great job and the attendants are so nice!!! They have free vaccums too
Jennifer W.
15:13 15 Sep 22
Great car wash! Provides cleaning clothes and spray, easy in and out.
Alexa B.
15:12 15 Sep 22
decided to give this place a second chance. Did a great job. Highly recommend the car wash
Jessica W.
10:17 06 Sep 22
Love the new car wash so convenient to use.
Greg P.
15:07 02 Aug 22
Pretty good wash but my only complaint is that the blowers at the end are way too strong. I know you want to dry the car off well so no streaks are left but it blows off rubber seals on my new car quite easily. I usually have to reinsert them after the wash. Please consider turning these down just a little bit!
Royal D.
19:59 23 Jul 22
The car wash was pretty fast and I enjoyed just sitting in my car while the wash pushes the car through the wash! The Moore location has great customer service and the vacuums were great! I highly recommend purchasing the monthly subscription! There is a 3-month $10/mo promo! I believe you must show up with your car to purchase it! Also, unlimited wash is awesome!Note: wash isn’t 24/7. So you must wait until they open to wash your car! 5 star rating!
E F.
20:39 26 Jun 22
Excellent car wash, got all the bugs off and my tires were shining. Also have complimentary rags and windex to use.
Marilyn W.
03:24 25 Jun 22
Came through the other day with a lot of bugs on my vehicle, and they were able to get almost all of it. They have friendly staff and management as well
Mark P.
19:59 22 Jun 22
Our car looks so good… Really!
John B.
21:18 20 Jun 22
Employees and car wash are great. Disappointed in the entrance and line management though. Definitely not Chik-Fil-A status. I am a monthly member and the $1 crowd jams up the entry so I cannot enter the right-side, fast lane. I even had several residents jerkishly blocking me from transitioning over until I got out of my truck to explain the layout, even offered to pay $1 for their wash! FIX: post sign at entrance or paint the driveway so that people know which lane to be in. Membership has the fast lane perk, but if we are bottle-necked with 2 dozen others over by the vacuums …not a perk anymore.
Colby R.
14:15 11 Jun 22
I had a good experience overall.
Twitch san J.
16:00 10 Jun 22
Great carwash and good customer service.
Dakota M.
20:05 31 May 22
Great car wash and friendly service
Tealey E.
20:45 28 May 22
The best car wash in South OKC the wash experience is really fantastic they have towels for you to use and employees are attentive and helpful, the monthly charges are the best and they are opening one in Moore the end of April
Michael J.
17:21 16 Apr 22

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