Oklahoma City, OK – N Rockwell Avenue


13600 N Rockwell Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Birds eye view of Club Car Wash in Oklahoma City, OK.
Excellent car wash! I have lived in several states over the past few years and have used various facilities. These guys are a step up. From having someone available at the front to free clean towels to use, to windex available; it’s an excellent wash facility.I also like that they have a “tip” option. Those guys have to stand out in the elements. I can’t afford to tip every time but do enjoy giving when I can.
Danny G.
20:49 17 Oct 22
Great car wash. They give you a rag to clean your interior.
Chris P.
17:49 16 Oct 22
New customer, so far I like the automated car wash. Still trying to figure out towels and other services. Was never explained when I joined.
Glen B.
20:16 08 Oct 22
Great customer service. Wash is super-thorough.
John L.
18:27 08 Oct 22
I have a Club Carwash membership and this location always does the best with clearing all the bugs with the power washer before going through the actual carwash!
Gifford T.
17:32 02 Oct 22
Good wash, fast service, great towels and plenty of them, great vacuums, nice people.
Gary W.
23:51 28 Sep 22
Very professional team
Bruno M.
22:38 21 Sep 22
Great facility. Do a very good job at reasonable prices, especially on $10 Tuesday.
Mark C.
01:46 21 Sep 22
Best Carwash around. Always a great prewash. Vacuums are great. The towels and window cleaner they provide always help me keep my car in great shape.
Bradley M.
11:26 19 Sep 22
We have belong to this club for 6 months. We love it, the guys there do a excellent job, our car is older but looks new after car wash.
Mercy W.
23:33 16 Sep 22
Best car wash in OKC! Plus, super great people work there!
Angie B.
01:50 12 Sep 22
Great job!
June C.
00:50 12 Sep 22
It’s a very good wash and outstanding vacuuming and towel equipment!
Michael M.
22:50 11 Sep 22
Very friendly and helpful staff! Very quick to get in and out… in the end… a clean ride!
John L.
22:04 11 Sep 22
Tire shine
Robb C.
20:03 11 Sep 22
Best car wash I have ever used ! The other wash I used kept breaking down and they were closed a minimum of 2 days. Friendly staff and towels and window cleaner to use. I use it twice a week at the least on both my vehicles. North OKC keep up the great work !
David R.
18:47 11 Sep 22
Your prewash guys need a double raise.
David S.
18:36 11 Sep 22
I am enjoying your car wash works really good
Shirley L.
18:12 11 Sep 22
Great car wash! The best ride thru car wash I've ever been in!
David E.
17:00 11 Sep 22
Love the wet cleaning towels. Great Idea!!!
Carl T.
16:54 11 Sep 22
There are young men they I recommend to pre wash my car. They worked early last Thursday AM. I don’t know their names. Great washes at a great price.
Megan J.
16:50 11 Sep 22
The wash gets my vehicle clean. Staff is friendly and helpful!
Mark L.
16:32 11 Sep 22
Great Place!!!
Nancy J.
16:12 11 Sep 22
The wash is a good job and the workers are pleasant
Matt P.
16:10 11 Sep 22
Professional auto wash. Superior service. I would go no other place for my truck to be washed.
Jim K.
15:56 11 Sep 22
Excellent service
Bob C.
15:47 11 Sep 22
Real nice clean car wash,a little upper scale for a wash!!
CoCo D
15:42 11 Sep 22
Nicest people ever! The previous people were awful and actually yelled at me when i couldn't get my tire on the track
Hannah W.
15:23 11 Sep 22
Really enjoy the convenience and security of having my car washes prepaid for, so all I have to do is drive through. Fast, friendly and always leave with a spotless car.
Leah R.
15:22 11 Sep 22
Great people
brett R.
15:22 11 Sep 22
Friendliest staff ever and very welcoming. Oh yeah, the carwash job was excellent!
Shem T.
15:18 11 Sep 22
I like to Club Car wash they do a great job And they're close to homeI would recommend them to anyone
Kevin G.
15:18 11 Sep 22
I love that it’s clean. The vacuum has lots of suction. Gets my car clean very time. Nice and shiny. I get asked were I get my car cleaned Al the time. I recommend you.
Angela H.
15:12 11 Sep 22
I go to both the location on NW Rockwell and in Edmond and this is by far the best self service car wash I have ever been to. I even bought the membership. The place is always staffed and they are appreciative and attentive. They have towels and windex available and are always stocked. Anddddd the vacuums are the best too. Can’t recommend enough.
Amber S.
15:12 11 Sep 22
Great Carwash and Service. Locations are convenient for me. Wash is always consistent regardless of the location used.
Donald L.
15:11 11 Sep 22
Excellent car wash . Service members are helpful and professional
Stephen B.
15:11 11 Sep 22
The best wash in OKC.
Dicki W.
15:10 11 Sep 22
Great place to wash and clean interior of car...
Raul R.
15:09 11 Sep 22
Our car was parked in the bird bomb zone and was covered. They took the time to spray every spot off before going through. The car came out perfectly clean! Great experience!
Jeff W.
21:05 09 Sep 22
1st time using Club Car Wash and since they are running a special, I signed up for the MVP and I'm extremely happy. Also, free towels to use and free vacuum.
Thomas M.
16:28 06 Sep 22
Taj, manager, was very courteous and assisted me in removing the tar was the recent street reno. I am impressed with how well he manages his team. I will be purchasing a club membership due to the excellent level of customer service.
Karen G.
19:39 30 Aug 22
I like how easy it is, though my car don't seem to get quit as clean as it did initially. (Could just be how everything is baking to the car lately!) Just my opinion, but slow down the drive thru and let it works a bit more.
Rob F.
22:44 25 Aug 22
Always a clean, well washed experience.
Carl B.
15:50 25 Aug 22
Great car wash. Appreciate them providing towels. Vacs always work well
todd T.
15:27 25 Aug 22
Great car wash. Awesome services and has cleaning spray and towels available for cleaning interior yourself. Only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is the fact the different price memberships are a scam. Just pay for the rookie because you get nothing extra by paying for upgrades.
Liza O.
02:35 14 Aug 22
Upgrades were awesome
Dana B.
23:06 10 Aug 22
Best tunnel wash in town. I have two vehicles on the Elite Unlimited membership which works at both locations. Locations are right in line with where I travel the most. Staff and wash never differ - always top notch and no spots. Love the long lasting tire shine and the scent added to the wash, makes it smell like fruit candy. I must confess that their prewash guys get tipped too much. Reason I say this is because the last time I went for a wash, I accidentally handed one of the the guys $80 instead of the $4 that I had in my other pocket, making that a very high priced pre-wash.
20:14 08 Aug 22
The best of the bunch when it comes to these types of car washes
Justin M.
12:49 28 Jul 22
A big shout out to Taj at Rockwell location. His work ethic is second to none every week i come in. You can tell he is a leader. Also Cooper and Donte always give extra attention to detail. You have 3 great employees who you can tell care about doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!
Dax J.
14:04 19 Jul 22
The car wash is great and I do enjoy the consistency of the service. Although the billing has been terrible. I was on the MVP (highest package) for a while and I switched down to a lower package. For three months, I called in and had to get refunded because I was getting charged for my old package and the new package at the same time on both of my vehicles. They fixed that last month. Now I noticed that my billing went up to 32 instead of the 27 per car. I call and they tell me that they automatically upgraded all their customers to the next package. When I asked them how they’re letting their customers know, they said that it was posted at the car wash for the last 30 days. I haven’t seen anything posted. The car wash attendant didn’t even know about the change or “auto-upgrade”…. So if your employee doesn’t know about it how are your customers supposed to know? Great service although terrible billing/customer service.(Edit)The GM of the location personally called me and at the end of the day, we both came to an understanding.He explained to me as to how this could have happened and I explained that the overall billing situation left a bad taste in my mouth. But overall I will still visit the location considering that it’s one of the best car washes I’ve ever gone through.Although mistakes happen, I sincerely appreciate that they take such pride in their business.Thanks for the call. It was a pleasure.
Andrew M.
23:05 11 Jul 22
Have been going here for a while. It's a great car wash, gets my car clean every time and the free vacuums have more than enough power! Yhey also have towels and complimentary cleaner to detail the inside of your car. As if it wasn't great enough already, today I forgot my debit card, before I could turn around the manager said he would let me get a wash on the house. Great customer service!
Jeffrey G.
15:42 01 Jul 22
Great. My car looks great
terry C.
16:14 26 Jun 22
They do a very good job
Len B.
03:36 18 Jun 22
Great car wash!
Laura M.
19:18 29 May 22
By for the best service I’ve ever had at a car wash. Olivia was incredibly professional and nice, I highly recommend this location
Joe C
02:37 21 May 22
Took my very dirty truck here. They did an amazing job of cleaning it. The two workers at the front spent extra time getting the mud off where it was caked in. I do feel a bit bad as I didn't realize how bad the running boards were. The wash was very good and left the majority of the truck looking better than I have seen it in a while. I will be getting a membership here as I was impressed with the quality of clean and the customer service.
Jonathan H.
17:27 11 May 22
Let me just say that this company outshines its competitor 💯The locations are well placed I have my choice of 2 where I am located.Does an AMAZING clean job on my vehicles.
Mark J.
16:48 10 May 22
If you have a personal wrap on the car, I would highly recommend letting the pre-soak guys know before hand so they can be cautious around it! I would also like to give a huge shout out to JJ Winner for messaging us personally and giving us information on all the pricing and different wash options that are available. We had the advantage of using the rags they have on hand with glass cleaner and an awesome vacuum that can reach those hard to reach spots! I was a little skeptical of bringing my car here at first because of the rails and how low my car sits with the front lip on it, but everyone there was so cautious with lining me up to make sure nothing got stuck or broke! The car wash did an amazing job of getting all the nasty bugs off the front end and really cleaning it up! We will definitely be getting a membership and even bringing our daily's through here as well!
Corin P.
18:58 28 Apr 22
Best in this part of town.
Brent D C
18:16 23 Apr 22
Very up to date and excellent service
Richard L.
11:54 09 Apr 22
The people are so nice and helpful. They have free vacuums that are super powerful. They also have clean rags and spray to use on the inside of your car. The car wash itself is great!!
Britt P
18:22 05 Apr 22
Hands down the best drive through car wash in town. The attendents actually use the pressure washer wands to get your grill, windshield, and rear unlike Zipps down the street. Everyone that works that is nice and friendly. Sorry Zipps, no longer going to y'all after multiple poor experiences.
Leo L.
23:31 20 Mar 22
Love the new location
Crystal T.
02:03 19 Mar 22
This place is awesome
Kevin J.
15:59 18 Mar 22
Great car wash!
Suzy J.
02:59 13 Mar 22
Great place to get your car washed at an affordable price, with free vacuums. They also supply hand towels to dry the drips on your car and cleaner for your windows.
Timothy H.
21:20 05 Mar 22
Five stars needs no words
Dee B.
23:50 02 Mar 22
Staff is excellent!!
R Brian M.
16:59 01 Mar 22
I've had multiple subscriptions to car washes in the past, but this car wash exceeds previous experiences. You get free towels for interior usage and free air fresheners. I love it.
Wynter H.
21:24 27 Feb 22
Car wash is great, they give you in inside car towel which smells great. Vacuums work well.
Elizabeth C.
16:53 27 Feb 22
This car wash is by far one of the best !! Vacuum’s available for both side of your vehicle and they give you a small towel to wipe down your car!!
Krista Y.
15:10 27 Feb 22
HANDS DOWN MY MOST FAVORITE CARWASH.I was a loyal member of ZIPS for over 5 years… and when I tried out Club Carwash,y I was in love. From the girls in the booth welcoming me for my first time there, to the guys greeting you in the wash, and how clean my car was… I knew I needed to cancel my membership w Zips ASAP. Zips has gone down hill the last few years from quality to their employees not caring anymore. It was a waste of my time and money staying there.I have had my membership with Club going on my 3rd month and I am still super happy w the service and quality. Faces are always super friendly and welcoming. I don’t feel like I am bothering them… and I love how fast they are. Car is always clean and I LOVE the vacuums. I don’t have to go to three different vacuums to clean my car. The ones at Club are superb! Thank you guys for your amazing service and care. I totally recommend this wash to everyone. I hope they keep it up for years to come.
Lanie N.
01:20 12 Feb 22
Very efficient great staff reasonably prices
Adnan Z.
05:09 10 Feb 22
has good deals every week to get your car clean for cheap.
Halee Van R.
17:44 09 Feb 22
New but so far so good. I like how they offer you a towel to wipe down your car that you return when done.
Paul E.
20:57 08 Feb 22
I finally stopped to try the new car wash and WOW! At the entry gate, I was pleasantly surprised by a friendly young woman who took the time to explain the different levels of washes available and also explained the different gift card options vs the wash subscription service. I chose a reloadable wash card & plan to buy my husband one as well.After I purchased my wash for the day (buy 4, get 1 free) I appreciated how efficient the pre-wash sprayers were and how quickly my car traveled through the wash tunnel. I hadn’t planned to vacuum today because the place was packed, but I am SO glad I did. How else would I have known that fresh, clean, microfiber towels & glass cleaner were PROVIDED for customers to borrow, near the vacuum stations…super impressed!My car was so clean & spot free, I could focus on wiping down my interior and even marveled at how clean my wheels were, compared to other washes I’ve used in the past. This was an excellent experience and I’m so glad to have such a great place in my neighborhood or good. Thanks Club Carwash!
Rose Marie B
18:50 08 Feb 22
I’m so incredibly impressed with the service and work these people do! You are greeted with a smile from the time you pull up to entering the car wash. You literally have a TEAM of guys working on your car before it enters the wash. They are the chick-fil-a of car washes! Awesome job, and I hope you continue this great service!
21:56 06 Feb 22
Live off a dirt road and they take the time to precast our van. Great people, They seem like they genuinely care and walk through to watch the wash. Love this place.
Rodney J.
17:58 05 Feb 22
I got my car washed here for the first time and absolutely loved it! Very kind workers, and a very speedy wash that looked great! No streaks or smudges. Definitely recommend coming here to get your car washed and I will be returning soon.
Dylann P.
01:11 05 Feb 22
Highly Highly recommend Club Car Wash 10/10! Best automatic car wash I have ever been to. Very well managed by JJ and very professional staff!
Chase M.
00:50 05 Feb 22
Pretty expensive but hands down best automatic carwash in the Metro. Cedric goes above and beyond.
04:13 03 Feb 22
This place is the best. Hands down very professional they always talk to me and make my day. For people who are doing this in freezing temps adds even more respect! Much appreciated
Colby F.
14:39 27 Jan 22
First I wanna say great and lovely car wash. It treats my car with car and cleans it efficiently, but major thanks to the employees who make sure to have a welcoming energy and treat us and our cars with greatness and I’m just saying I would much rather have my car cleaned by handsome men and this car wash is that one y’all boys stay cute and thank you thank you. 💙
Brooklyn S.
13:59 27 Jan 22
Just used the free vacuum's. No complaints.
Mary C.
00:41 25 Jan 22
The best car wash I have found in OKC.
Drew H
16:02 24 Jan 22
Good car wash
Anmar A.
01:14 22 Jan 22
Love the place is worth the money totally worth the membership
Shauna H.
18:47 16 Jan 22
I had the best experience! Everyone was so kind and friendly and helpful. I got my free car wash, towel to clean your interior and was checked on as I vacuumed my car out. I will definitely recommend to others and will be back soon!
Lyndsey H.
05:15 12 Jan 22
The wash does a better job than most tunnel washes in town. The staff are friendly. The vacuums are strong but the vacuum crevice tool/wands like to fall off and pulls out easily which is annoying.
Hans O.
08:27 08 Jan 22
This car wash has such kind workers and is the best car wash I have ever gotten. 10/10 would recommend. Can’t wait to go back!
Haley E.
23:51 01 Jan 22
We enjoyed so much the 1 dll car wash special they had when the place Opened, so we decided To get the membership. Workers are very friendly the equipment is amazing. Best car wash in the area! Keep the quality guys!
Gabriela K.
22:02 28 Dec 21
Quick. Good promo, and the DRYER: BEST. I jumped out thinking I would need to spend a lot of time drying it my self. Turns out I didn't even need to bring my towels.
Day O.
01:01 14 Dec 21
Got car clean and with the wonderful smell of the soap lasted awhile smelled it inside and outside of car..the staff there was very nice and friendly as well...
john T.
04:04 13 Dec 21
I have to say that I am very impressed by this car wash. Not shystie on the amount of soap and water pressure is on point. It’s a very quick car wash and gets the job done!! The vacuums suction is very strong. Plus they have towels to help wipe down the car once you are done washing it. The staffing is very friendly and answer any questions. I want to say thank you especially to JJ for having the patience with us and being not only very professional but knowledgeable about the service and what exactly I’m paying for. He answered multiple questions and made us feel very comfortable with our membership purchase.
Nicholas F.
22:39 10 Dec 21

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