Arnold, MO – JeffCo Boulevard


1414 JeffCo Blvd
Arnold, MO 63010

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
arnold missouri jeffco boulevard location
Well cleaned car, keep the traffic patterns in mind while navigating this location.
Tommy T.
15:40 18 Oct 22
Always friendly and quick in and out.
Kevin B.
11:43 14 Oct 22
Love this car wash! They do a really nice job and I like how they spray the car down as it goes into the wash. The towels for use afterwards are also a nice touch.
Nicole S.
15:34 12 Oct 22
The vacuums need to be fixed
Bruce F.
23:57 11 Oct 22
$10.00 Tuesdays!!!
Jim C.
22:41 11 Oct 22
Great wash. However attendants put cars in line a little too closely.Wipe down / vacuum areas kept clean and clear ready for the next person.
Jeff R.
17:44 05 Oct 22
Cleans my car great and leave a good wax coat. Really great at removing salt and grime in the winter
Jason C.
12:39 30 Sep 22
Always fast and efficient!
Shelly C
20:12 25 Sep 22
I use it 2 to 3 times a week to getting the dirt and bugs off my car. The people are nice that prep the car before it goes through the wash. They have Great vacuum’s, along with Microfiber towels to clean the dashboard & interior. It worth the money. They have great deal on Tuesdays, check it out.
Betty B.
06:22 23 Sep 22
Very nice car wash.
Roseanne A.
15:36 22 Sep 22
They do a good job.
Kevin M.
13:43 18 Sep 22
I tried a lot of the chain car washes especially Manchester South and club car Wash definitely was the best consistently especially the Arnold location. Never really had any issues but everyone that I have dealt with courteous and pretty much always had a smile. I believe I've been with them for three and a half years now and do not plan on going anywhere else
Tim M.
03:23 16 Sep 22
Love the Tuesday special 💟
Billy Y.
18:27 13 Sep 22
Loved the car washes and the people who work to make my car shine
15:18 11 Sep 22
I run my car through a wash, and vacuum it myself. The car wash itself is awesome!! It does a fantastic job of cleaning your vehicle. The staff is friendly even in the ridiculously hot weather. Tip your workers folks! The place is clean and everything works good! IThat said, the ONLY reason I give four stars is I had an incident there that left me shaken. Some unknown man jumped into my vehicle as I was preparing to leave and tried to assault me. This happened with others nearby vacuuming their cars too! This is on HIM, not the car wash. REPEAT this is not on CCW. A report was filed with law enforcement AND Club Car Wash. I go back regularly.
A T.
13:56 10 Sep 22
Nice staff, $10 Tuesdays are a nice deal for the best package they offer.
Sean M.
22:42 07 Sep 22
Car wash its always nice n clean trash is always empty
Annabella plays R.
22:49 05 Sep 22
Car washer does a good job. Love the vacuum system.
Bob V.
21:23 05 Sep 22
They always do a good job at the car wash
Dano S.
21:02 05 Sep 22
Great place!!!
Sarah P.
20:54 05 Sep 22
Great car wash. Wheels get clean and car is dry at exit. They also furnish towels for touch up drying in door jambs etc. Veteran discount also.
Gary S.
20:26 05 Sep 22
Great car wash with powerful vacuums and cleans completely 👍👍
Phil V.
19:59 05 Sep 22
Excellent car wash. They have the best car wash I have ever experienced. Highly recommend using Club Car Wash.
Samuel W.
19:46 05 Sep 22
I recently moved to Ballwin and pleased to find one just a few blocks away!
Steve O.
19:12 05 Sep 22
Best automatic car I’ve ever used.
Robert S.
18:59 05 Sep 22
Excellent car wash. We use it a couple times a week.
Warren K.
18:25 05 Sep 22
Great place, very friendly
Matk K.
18:22 05 Sep 22
It is a car wash. They do a great job. They furnish vacuums, cloths, and windex if you want to use it. They will also spray off rubber mats
Kathy V.
18:03 05 Sep 22
Never an issue.....a good wash
Tony M.
17:54 05 Sep 22
Car was does a great job
17:29 05 Sep 22
I use this service for my car washes and I wish the guys would spend a little more time with the sprayer on my windshield because I live in the country and I have a lot of dead bugs and there are times where they just do a quick W and think that gets the dead bugs off and it don’t. Other than that I have no complaints
Pam W.
17:26 05 Sep 22
Nice wash very efficient
Francis M.
17:21 05 Sep 22
Greatest car wash ever! Pre-Wash attention to detail! The wash itself is quick and thorough leaving my car clean and shiny. The vacuums are very powerful and easy to use. Extra bonus is the towel that comes with the wash to help wipe things down. I love it and recommend it to anybody who wants to get into a car wash club 👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Stan P.
17:19 05 Sep 22
The Arnold Location is by far the BEST!!! I've used Eureka & Washington,Mo. Not at all satisfied! Arnold is the BEST!!!
Robin V
17:19 05 Sep 22
A good crew of guys work here and do a great job, even in the heat!
Tony O
17:17 05 Sep 22
Best self service car wash in the areaHighly recommended.
Lloyd S.
17:17 05 Sep 22
Always friendly and a great car wash
Larry M.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Nice drive thru car wash with vacuums and floor mat cleaning machines. Super convenient! They also offer a special price for military
Kimberly M.
17:15 05 Sep 22
Fast efficient car wash, does a great job.
S G.
17:14 05 Sep 22
Quick and easy process even on really busy days. I think the MVP plan is worth the money big time. The only thing you have to do afterwards is clean your wheels especially if they are custom after the wash.
Al M.
02:16 28 Aug 22
Fair price, friendly staff. Lots of extra towels on hand and very handy and very powerful vacuum cleaning wands.
Tim M.
15:59 21 Aug 22
Efficient, easy to use. A lot of spaces to use vacuums and clean.
nancy C.
21:49 16 Aug 22
Good carwash. And very good and pleasant cashier.
Rick G.
23:57 12 Aug 22
Kids thought it was sweet. Definitely fancy. Expensive but it provides an equivalent service.
J. W.
02:01 07 Aug 22
Clean car, happy car. Runs forever
Donisha D.
20:46 21 Jul 22
The greeter, employee 23 was so helpful and patient answering my questions about the different levels of the monthly membership. My car came out so clean and the provided towel was awesome to help make the inside as clean as the outside. Really looking forward to having a clean car more consistently with our new membership.
Kate D.
00:03 24 Jun 22
This car wash is fantastic. It is always quick and efficient. The employees are always helpful.
Russell S.
21:45 21 Jun 22
Like the free double sided vacuum after, but the wash is expensive
Ashley A.
23:02 30 May 22
It really depends on who you get at the initial spray off point, sometimes they get all the bugs and bird poo, sometimes they don't. Great car wash though.I have their unlimited Black & Gold package, so if it doesn't get it all the first time... Wash, rinse, repeat.
Brian B.
21:39 27 May 22
The wash does a great job. Friendly folks in the booth. Sometimes the crew at the entrance do good but most of the time not much effort goes into it though. Should be able to tip at the end of the wash, not the beginning.I did an experiment. Several times I tipped when there was nobody behind me. It didn't make any difference in the effort, still mediocre at best.
Mark S.
21:59 25 Apr 22
Awesome wash that gets your ride super clean. Has LED lights inside that light up the suds for a fun time for the kids. Vacuums late free and work fantastic. Great customer service and super friendly staff.
Dylan M.
14:10 23 Apr 22
Always the best
02:49 07 Apr 22
Awesome 👍
Jason H.
15:49 22 Mar 22
Been going here for a while, quick car wash and best vacuums out there.
Richard B.
15:22 09 Mar 22
This place always does a awesome job!
Emmanuel M.
22:27 08 Feb 22
$10 Tuesday is always fun
Jocie T.
17:12 08 Feb 22
Great place! Make sure you get the membership, its 100% worth it!
Steven H.
10:50 27 Jan 22
$10 wash on Tuesdays
Carrie V.
17:42 20 Jan 22
Came through here a few weeks ago and I have to say the car wash experience was great. The pricing seemed Fair and there's plenty of tiers to choose from. The only thing I wish they had was the pressurized hoses for doing detail work with your dash and stuff. But overall I really liked it here and will be back.
Dominic T.
02:01 28 Dec 21
Attendants are respectful and helpful. Always clean and tidy looking. Love when they have out towels and windex to use.
01:29 19 Dec 21
Fast and friendly. Remember to tip!
Tim N.
14:47 13 Dec 21
Amazing place to clean your car
Shannon N.
17:13 13 Nov 21
Friendly service. Great car wash. Great vacuuming system .!!
Shirley H.
20:31 23 Oct 21
Usually quick line, good wash, especially wheels; negative is a lot of times they have the cars going into the wash like 2 inches apart……not a comfortable feeling, and at least a foot apart woukdnt slow the rate down measurably.
Chase H.
21:21 12 Oct 21
very clean
Tim L.
01:11 07 Oct 21
Hands-down the best automatic car wash I’ve been to. Have not had any excessive damage or scratches done to any of my vehicles that I have noticed. If I could go back to being 16 again I would definitely have a job there. You can tell a lot by a person by how clean the vehicle is.
Little pricey, but great value
Jacob B.
20:28 20 Sep 21

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