Columbia, MO – S Scott Boulevard


501 S Scott Blvd
Columbia, MO 65203

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Only cause wash I use
jessa L.
21:32 15 Oct 22
They all do a great job at keeping my car and truck clean, thank you.
16:36 11 Oct 22
What can I say, this is clearly the best place to clean up my car! Vacuums are too notch!
Denis P.
00:10 01 Oct 22
Awesome place
Native S.
13:51 30 Sep 22
Best car wash in town!
Sherry M.
21:35 21 Sep 22
Best place to get your car washed. Plus the monthly membership is a great value!
Irwin S.
14:59 13 Sep 22
Great service!
Jessica C.
22:51 09 Sep 22
The workers are so professional and do such a great job.
Harold B.
16:56 09 Sep 22
Truck looks great
Robert P.
16:30 09 Sep 22
Great service and the employees are wonderful!!
Mark F.
16:30 09 Sep 22
I like the ease of getting my cars washed, the vacuum service and friendly staff.
Rick R.
16:26 09 Sep 22
Quick convenient and priced rite
John N.
16:17 09 Sep 22
Never had any problems
Chris C.
13:54 08 Sep 22
Love their $10 Tuesday
Marcia F.
23:08 24 Aug 22
Nice people working
raed S.
18:09 23 Aug 22
Very convenient and love the bubble gum smell. Depending on who’s working determines how affective it works. Some are better at customer service.
kim R.
19:23 20 Aug 22
The veteran discount.
Jeff S.
18:58 12 Aug 22
Vacout car after washing it. Love it!
claire C.
03:23 30 Jul 22
I have been a Club Car Wash (and their predecessor Tiger) member for several years with several personal vehicles and work trucks. Scott Blvd is by far the best location in town. Friendly and helpful staff and a very quality wash facility. Even though we live north of Columbia, we drive across town to this location often for the high quality wash.
Jim R.
14:02 15 Jul 22
carrie J.
18:44 10 Jul 22
When excellent service is given it should be rewarded. I have a membership and go alot and these folks are amazing. The carwash is spectacular but what goes above is that a prt came off my Jeep during one of my visits and they have been watching for me to come back to give it to me. What!!! Amazing! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, highly recommend! Get a membership!
Dixie W.
20:45 13 May 22
Nearly perfect place to wash the car. They charged me extra for a towel once which was weird. I hate the begging for tips.
Max D.
22:11 07 May 22
Excellent car wash service and quality
Brittany K.
23:15 27 Mar 22
Consistently good wash!
Renee K.
20:00 22 Mar 22
We enjoy being a Club Car wash VIP member
Doug U.
18:53 08 Mar 22
Very good service
Valari W.
23:22 20 Feb 22
Always great getting the Jeep shining...staff are great and got me through quickly and efficiently
Brenda G.
03:10 13 Feb 22
This was our first time at this particular Club. We were on this side of town etc. It was great! Our vehicle was pretty dirty from snow, wet roads etc. It came out clean and the driers really worked. The vacuum had really strong suction and easily picked up the dirt and debris from our floor mats and carpet. Would recommend this business for a clean car!
Nina T.
14:58 29 Jan 22
Best car wash I've been to in Columbia. I like buying the booklets of 5 coupons for the price of four. Seems about the right payment system for me. I also appreciate the free vacuums!
James P.
04:57 29 Jan 22
You can wash your car here
Jason O.
00:39 20 Jan 22
Very nice n friendly staff car wash very clean
charles S.
22:04 16 Jan 22
Great Carwash, cute workers, quick wash 5 out of 5 stars!!
Adria S.
21:33 01 Dec 21
Okay experience price was okay. Wash job was so so.
Bob A
04:38 28 Nov 21
Always a good car washing experience.
Tyler D.
22:52 27 Nov 21
First time at this particular car wash on Scott boulevard really nice place clean quick and easy in-and-out and the vehicle looks good keep up the good work
phillip w. williams S.
17:34 24 Nov 21
The service here is great. They deliver a great wash and never fail to get my car cleaned. They always smile and say thank you when I tip. You guys have a great team at the Scott Blvd location. Love this place I always feel welcome!
Garrett F.
17:56 29 Oct 21
Most excellent service as always! Club carcass never disappoints! 10$ Tuesday!
Ben C.
00:29 27 Oct 21
Friendly staff. My kids got a kick out of the neon lights and whirling machines... They said it was better than a roller coaster ride! 😂🤣 We will be regulars!
Alison C.
17:54 17 Oct 21
Favorite car wash I’ve ever used. Joined the VIP club and don’t regret it for a second. My truck is always clean now!
Melissa B.
18:34 12 Oct 21
Nice clean and good job
Mark D.
18:03 10 Oct 21
Great experience
Charles N.
14:31 03 Oct 21
With more locations being added all the time, makes this great deal even better when traveling!
Gary G.
15:43 23 Sep 21
Adding music while you drive thru is a nice touch!
lori S.
19:03 22 Aug 21
Been going to this car wash for several years. Great service with friendly staff! The complimentary vacuums are a must, and the brush wash with undercarriage rinse guarantees a good clean for any car.
M T.
17:03 19 Aug 21
Prompt service, clean facilities. AWESOME customer service from customer service -- Courtney went above and beyond to assist! She's a jewel!
Carol H.
16:03 15 Aug 21
They always do a great job and provide excellent service.
Craig R.
01:48 15 Aug 21
Always a great clean. The free vacuums are excellent!
Compass Rose A.
01:48 31 Jul 21
Quick, easy and conveniently located. Don’t forget to tip!
Sw1 M.
20:18 20 Jul 21
Worls seems you can by tokens at the near by gas station too
18:23 20 Jul 21
Some are better then others
Vizual H.
14:46 15 Jul 21
Great service
Diane B.
15:38 06 Jul 21
It's a really fun car wash. But I miss the floor mat cleaners☹
Jebmo 5.
12:54 15 Jun 21
I really like this membership
Ellen G.
12:58 14 Jun 21
Super friendly, fast, and great value! Wish there was something like this in PA!
Carolyn R.
17:39 12 Jun 21
Ideal spot for me to get a car wash.
Ed H.
00:17 09 Jun 21
I love this place. The staff are always nice and helpful. The guys that spray your car down before the wash are so appreciative every time I tip them, and very sweet. The car wash itself is quick and thorough, my kids love it because of the rainbow foam and different colored lights. It’s become an “event” we call Candy Carwash... on Fridays after school pick up we go to the Break Time next store and grab some candy then we go through the car wash and munch our candy and my kids live for that little thing. The customer service is always quick to fix any billing issues or address account issues. There are many different wash options at different price points to suit everyone fairly.There’s one situation that did stand out to me when I first became a member. The vehicle in front of me inside the wash cycle seemed to have lost a large part of their bumper or part of their splash guard underneath the front bumper area and the manager ran out of an office door, kicked it inside the door he came from as if to hide it and then continued on. He didn’t mention it or talk to the car owners once outside the wash cycle. It seemed shady & clearly irresponsible to not claim fault or even discuss it with the owner when something like that happens. It may not even have been their fault, it could have been a part that was already loose, etc therefore the car owner went through knowing the risks but I still feel it should have been mentioned. Obviously this doesn’t sway me from going here as I still love it and I don’t know the full situation since I wasn’t personally involved and I’m sure everyone can find one negative at every place they go if they look hard enough or something not of their liking. I have personally never had an issue that caused me to want to switch companies or stop using CCW all together.
Heather K.
18:27 31 May 21
New car wash on Broadway/Scott
Michelle G.
03:18 31 May 21
Be a member and skip the line!
emily G.
21:46 14 Apr 21
I dont even need a carwash cause im a clean gangster, but this place clean clean.
Darius S.
06:16 08 Apr 21
Love it when my car is spotless! The new clean coat stuff is amazing!
Jami C.
16:18 21 Mar 21
Great staff, great management, clean and professional. Vacuums work great. All around A+ experience!!
Randall F.
01:11 04 Mar 21
This place has been my go-to since opening! Staff is always helpful and does a great job on my truck! Best car wash in columbia, hands down.
Joseph S.
20:00 02 Mar 21
Im a car club member. Loove it.. Wash car whenever i want pull up go thru!!!.
Jenn P.
17:07 27 Feb 21
Quick in quick out.
Kirk R.
19:10 14 Feb 21
I had a deal for three months to get my car washed. I went multiple times a week. The location is brand new. So machinery works great! Vacuums are fantastic. The drying at the end actually dries the car off, except for the very end. I have a small Elantra. The price is high per vehicle at the normal club price. Deals come around, I would wait for deals. Station attendants are great to work with. Pricing is why 4 instead of 5 stars.
Don P.
23:06 26 Jan 21
Great car wash everytime and love the location!
Mr. G.
18:22 23 Jan 21
Jeffrey F.
17:54 12 Jan 21
Great carwash
Miss C.
11:03 09 Jan 21
I like cleaning my F150 as often as possible for my business. Only one problem. The system needs to be checked out as it has not cleaned as well since it first opened.
Timothy B.
12:49 30 Dec 20
Great place to get your vehicle clean. Friendly staff
Mo Y.
22:27 09 Dec 20
These guy's are great, I've never seen anyone actually get in the truck bed to wash it like this guy here. Above and beyond!
Rebecca C.
18:34 08 Nov 20
Ya know, they do a very nice job.
Paul B.
01:38 04 Nov 20
Nice and fast.
K D.
11:19 16 Oct 20
Scott Blvd location is the best
Jane R.
01:08 25 Sep 20

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