Farmington, MO – Maple Street


1200 Maple Street
Farmington, MO 63640

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Little pricey but it does a great job cleaning and with the towel to use to wipe the inside and vacuum, it's a fair deal.
Charles R.
12:19 22 Oct 22
The staff is great, the auto wash is quick and very efficient! Those vacuums SUCK, in the best way possible. No wash in town has vacuums that suck this good!
Cord B.
01:34 16 Oct 22
This is the most awesome car wash!! People are nice & really make my car tires shine.. They have really good thick towels to wipe down your car & the most awesome vacuums. My car is over 20 yrs old but sure doesn't look like it after I go thru this car wash!! I don't think you'll regret going there. Happy Car Washing!
Dianna C.
01:39 12 Oct 22
I love this car wash! Louise always looks her best after going through this car wash. The staff is always nice. Great deal for your money!
Dawn H.
14:11 11 Oct 22
Ten Dollar Tuesday! Wow, what an expensive place to obtain an OUTSTANDING job.
Vern M.
01:52 10 Oct 22
Employees are hard working and respectful. My truck shines every time I go there! Membership is totally worth it!
Sandra C.
12:47 09 Oct 22
Pretty good car wash and the vacuum is free.
Ed T.
16:41 07 Oct 22
Awesome and best car wash
william H.
14:13 05 Oct 22
Best car wash I've been to! Fresh towels to wipe down the inside while you're going through the car wash. Free vacuuming!
Meagan Z.
14:51 03 Oct 22
I love love how they are able to get our cars cleaned. Very convenient and fast. The only thing I wish they had was a multi car bundle package. Other than that, THEY ARE AMAZING
Jeanila H.
14:20 03 Oct 22
Club Car Wash in Farmington, MO is amazing. Never an issue with any of their devices. The staff is amazing and super friendly. I have been a member for almost a year and never regretted it. Highly recommend being a member if you’re not one yet. $10 Tuesday is a great start to see how amazing they are and a great way to donate a $1 to the St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
julia M.
18:41 29 Sep 22
The only thing I wish was better is that they would scrub the bugs off better before you go in. Some do a great job others just barely try. Other then that love the car wash.
Linda M.
15:26 22 Sep 22
The employees are the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I go often since I live on a gravel road. The self serve towels and vacuums are great. My favorite car wash! Please leave them a tip. They deserve it!
Krista B.
21:33 17 Sep 22
Only reason I’m leaving a review is because the clean cut kid working the power washer before auto wash is a god and treats my truck like it’s his own lol.
22:04 13 Sep 22
Full service automatic Car wash. I have SUV and all features are excellent except the dryer system does absolutely nothing to the very rear of my car which makes it necessary for total hand dry. Turned in number of times but no notable improvement noticed.
Terry W.
21:07 10 Sep 22
Great job keeping my vehicle clean. Very friendly staff.
02:50 07 Sep 22
It's a car wash, they do offer towels with cleaner for you to wipe off your dash, door panels, center console, etc
Jacqueline H.
00:38 07 Sep 22
None of the above
Robert M.
23:11 06 Sep 22
Consumate professionals, always take appropriate amount of time to ensure car is as clean as possible.
Eric N.
20:33 06 Sep 22
Car wash and wax, could do a little better on the wheels but other than that I’m very satisfied
Jerry D.
16:43 06 Sep 22
Between the people who spray down your vehicle and the automated line it gets pulled through, a very good job is done. The vacuums are awesome as well.
Scott E.
13:29 06 Sep 22
It’s very convenient and easy to use. I also love the results.
Bonnie B.
11:26 06 Sep 22
I go through the automatic car wash. The people directing you in the stall and spraying bug removal solution are always so friendly at my local car wash (Farmington MO) It gets my car so clean. They provide damp towels for you to use while vacuuming to clean the inside of the car. Well worth the money
Linda G.
18:06 05 Sep 22
They do an excellent job every time!
Pierre Loisel Papin I.
16:55 05 Sep 22
Car washing machine excellent service and quality of work well pleased.
Ken B.
06:36 05 Sep 22
I like for a low monthly payment I can get my truck washed and vacuum for free.
Michael R.
03:14 05 Sep 22
Great service! I wish I had found out about them much earlier.
Lawrence M.
02:12 05 Sep 22
I always seem to get good results at Club Car Wash.
Audrey J.
02:05 05 Sep 22
This place is amazing. Highly recommended. Those guys are highly recommended! I got 2 accounts for my 2 chargers lol
Kaine L.
01:37 05 Sep 22
Automatic car wash
Stacey Stahl M.
00:55 05 Sep 22
Love this place, my car is always clean. A clean car is a happy car
James J.
00:36 05 Sep 22
Great car wash! Vehicles come out clean and almost spotless. Just a few wipes with the cloths they provide makes the exterior gleam. The cloth does wonders on the dash and hard surfaces. The vacuums are the best, also.
Dave W.
00:18 05 Sep 22
Very good car wash.
Roger H.
23:53 04 Sep 22
I love the convenience of the membership, and the staff is always helpful!
Denelle S.
23:48 04 Sep 22
Fast and always do a good job
Cory W.
23:41 04 Sep 22
Everyone there is helpful and I love the car wash. My vehicles come out clean!
Sue K.
23:20 04 Sep 22
Great wash I go there often just to become zen during my wash 😊
Gavin M.
23:11 04 Sep 22
Love this , been member since business opened. Used to wipe car off .miss this option
John W.
23:09 04 Sep 22
Great service and quality
Guy H.
23:00 04 Sep 22
I have been very happy with the service I have received. All the attendees are very friendly!
Phyllis P.
22:52 04 Sep 22
If you're a Veteran then the monthly subscription is the way to go, as of September 2022 it is only $20 for unlimited washes. So far I have gotten my good friends, neighbor and son-in-law to sign up for it.Please tip the attendants with the money you are saving. They really appreciate it.
Dre D.
22:50 04 Sep 22
The staff is always fast and courteous and my truck is always clean when I leave.
Larry T.
22:43 04 Sep 22
Great wash for the price. Always a great wash.
Richard H.
22:39 04 Sep 22
They are very friendly and the vehicles get very clean. They are cleaned very well traveling through the wash and the vacuums that are on the premises are very strong. It is nice that they supply towels for wiping cars off like they do. I have used other places before that do all of the work for you as it travels through , which is nice but haven’t seen any of them around here. It is nice to belong to the club allowing me the ability to bring my vehicles through there whenever I want to. I have a plan for my truck and also one for my wife’s car, which is very nice.
Bob I.
22:38 04 Sep 22
This serves is pretty good except the ones who spray the front of the car need to concentrate a little more on their job if they want tips
Karan K.
22:37 04 Sep 22
Great wash. Cleans my car very well. The service is great
Kenneth W.
22:35 04 Sep 22
The workers are courteous, and friendly. The music is good. Great place to get my car washed. I strongly recommend to anyone to come here.
Terence R.
22:24 04 Sep 22
I enjoyed using the Club Car Wash. It does a really good job.
Jim C.
22:24 04 Sep 22
Great people
Mike T.
22:23 04 Sep 22
Usually ask my car a couple of times a week. Club Car Wash is great! Gets the bugs and dirt off well. 😀 The vacuums are good and strong.
Leslie R.
22:22 04 Sep 22
Good car wash always pleased
Judy K.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Would like to see a better Veteran rate but overall great place & friendly staff👏
Donald F.
22:21 04 Sep 22
My car always looks great when I come out the car wash! Those guys in there always does a good job! Car🚗 🧽
Rhonda W.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Excellent car wash!
Lisa D.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Great service, after 400 mile road trip truck was covered with insect bodies. They did a great job getting them off.
Mike B.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Love this place great job
Brenda M.
22:21 04 Sep 22
You drive your car through an automatic car wash. They spray the vehicle before you go in, at the end they offer free vacuums to use.
Kenny T.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Great wash!
22:20 04 Sep 22
Always fast service and great wash.
Dennis S.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Wonderful place to do business
Paul M.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Love it. You guys are awesome!!
Karen G.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Awesome Car Wash!!!
Mary Betsey C.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Most places can't get my truck clean but every time I've gone there it always comes clean. It's very quick and efficient. Recommend to all
John W.
17:10 15 Aug 22
Does a great job washing the truck
Russell H.
19:31 03 Aug 22
As usual, it’s always 5 stars
carla H.
00:27 16 Jul 22
Tuesdays, you get a $25 wash for only $10!
Angie A.
16:44 09 Jul 22
Friendly staff, equipment was outstanding. Vacuums were powerful and they provided towels and windex to make sure your ride was ready to go.
Chris W.
17:39 06 Jul 22
Nice place, friendly service
Summer L.
17:17 06 Jul 22
Coty Wolf was a wonderful washer!
Lilly G.
15:08 12 Apr 22
Coty came up to me and ensured my wash was great!
18:53 11 Apr 22
Very quick service and a nice atmosphere.
Dustin L.
00:11 11 Apr 22
Good prices on car wash, friendly people,
Vince I.
22:33 22 Mar 22
I like their sales options. Gr8 wash job!!
Jonathan S.
04:14 05 Mar 22
That get your car clean
Eric S.
19:14 21 Jan 22
Doesn't always clean the car that good,Zand the vacuum only half work
Nancy P.
03:09 05 Jan 22
Always a great place with awesome service!
Paul A.
13:29 20 Nov 21
Always a great wash
casey G.
21:10 15 Nov 21
I love this place. The prices on the packages are decent and you can wash and vacuum your vehicle as much as you want. The staff is always help and respectful.
Quality service, good facilities, not the easiest access but not bad, if you have a dark colored car it may leave some swirls in the paint
Randall H.
23:17 11 Nov 21

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