Florissant, MO – N Highway 67


3170 N Hwy 67
Florissant, MO 63033

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Love this car wash and for the price, it's WONDERFUL. My car was cleaned well and I was given a complimentary towel which I didn't have. I will definitely be putting my membership to use.
shavon T.
16:34 13 Oct 22
14:23 05 Oct 22
This is the only car wash I patronize the Best one in St.Louis
Carolyn A.
02:50 20 Sep 22
Fast friendly service and car looks great.
Randy H.
18:53 16 Sep 22
Love going there. Friendly staff and good service
Denise L.
02:58 15 Sep 22
Great car wash, fast easy and it gets the car clean.
Paul M.
02:05 15 Sep 22
Great Wash w/FREE vacuum..Several different membership types to choose from!
Embracingself F.
00:38 15 Sep 22
Best drive thru car wash.
Kenneth A.
11:44 13 Sep 22
I enjoy the towels provided to dry your car and the power wash in your car on those areas before entering the wash!!!!
roberdia I.
02:51 13 Sep 22
Always have good service from employees and provide a great car wash 👍
DeMarkus C.
23:14 11 Sep 22
Love this place! Staff works very hard to fulfill our needs and is there 7 days a week. Thank you Club Carwash for making every experience a great one.
Chelsea D.
21:49 11 Sep 22
I love Club Car Wash. The washing is really good, no streaks. I love they spray your care before going through the car wash. I love the free vacuum service and the monthly payment and you can go as many times that you want. Also the free towels is a added plus.
Yvonne T.
19:26 11 Sep 22
Great locations
eric S.
18:49 11 Sep 22
George R.
16:37 11 Sep 22
Best carwash around. Not only does it give your car a great wash, it does a great job of cleaning and detailing your wheels and tires.
Jane A.
16:19 11 Sep 22
I thought that one of the purposes of the employees that pre treat my car would use the high pressure wands to clean the wheels. After using your car wash, I go across the street to power wash my wheels.
Keith R.
15:52 11 Sep 22
I take my ram 2019 to this one and only carwash
Patrick T.
15:51 11 Sep 22
I appreciate the quick and convenient use of the service I also enjoy the professionalism of the handlers as they carefully spray my car as it runs through the tunnel. Overall, I use it very often and I'm glad they're in my neighborhood!
Trina C.
15:47 11 Sep 22
Best drive thru car wash around. Tires look as if I put tire wet on them. Whole truck sparkles and the complimentary towels are awesome.
Terry A.
15:42 11 Sep 22
Professional and helpful service. Great investment!
Rochelle D J.
15:32 11 Sep 22
Wonderful experience each trip. I know my car is cleaned the way I like it. Nice equipment and having towels provided that don’t hurt my car paint job. I do recommend this business.
Barbara C (.
15:20 11 Sep 22
Quick and clean drive thru service
Odis D.
15:20 11 Sep 22
Nice clean carwash
Swift B.
15:13 11 Sep 22
I like way they prep your car to get rid of bugs etc at front and grime on wheels. Also they give you a towel to finish the job. Powerful vacuums.
Malcolm S.
13:59 04 Sep 22
The wash was good. I went every other day because they charged my CC because I didn't CANCEL 7 days before billing. When the attendant told me that I could cancel ANYTIME. So I didn't read the contract. You live and you learn...🙄
15:02 29 Aug 22
love this place
Ms. P.
14:15 28 Aug 22
Easy in and out service.
Ed R.
11:24 16 Aug 22
I love how my boo bear is shined up!! There was a bit of confusion my first time going there because of the lanes you pick from and navigating the pay process but other than that I love this car wash. You get a complimentary towel to use. Just put them back in the bucket at the by the vacuums. Very spacious the location is great easy to get in and out off. I’ll be retuning my car looks nice. I just wish the vacuums had more power to get the carpets better. But my boo bear was a mess so any vacuuming would’ve made the carpets look better. I got the elite car wash and the pre spray they do before your car enters the wash it’s great which really help get more of the dirt and grime off. I’ll keep returning here for my car washes.
Just E.
15:21 15 Aug 22
Car washes are great and reasonably priced
Reba A.
00:55 18 Jul 22
I'm a Club Member. Great service.I Always, always getting compliments on how great my vehicle looks. ..especially the tires. And its well over 10yrs old. 😎👍
Jacqueline D.
04:27 14 Jul 22
Love this place in and out even on busy days
Jeffery P.
17:24 07 Jul 22
Did it go to car wash, drove threw Parking Lot leaving Walgreens! Thank you
Patricia F.
18:19 05 Jul 22
I can say they’re better than Zips.
Sugar S.
17:47 23 Jun 22
Great car wash. Everyone is very helpful and hard working. A little hard to find.
Linda B.
20:13 24 May 22
Very good carwash with monthly plans starting at $20.
Bill G.
22:26 23 Apr 22
Very nice
Chris K.
20:20 23 Mar 22
Love this place,
03:54 08 Feb 22
So far the past few months I've visited have been phenomenal. I love the power wash they give before going through the actual carwash itself. It really helps during the winter months. And the suction on the vacuum's are amazing. I love the amenities you recieve also. Free towels to wipe down any excess water and variety of air fresheners. My baby Pearl (suv) loves it and it shows!👍🏾
11:12 07 Feb 22
The workers were friendly and helpful. Plus my truck and my wife's car came out sparkling
Michael T.
19:43 24 Jan 22
It was good, my first visit
Harrell K.
22:39 18 Jan 22
Friendly cashier and cleaning staff. Good service. Reasonable prices.
John M.
02:14 13 Jan 22
This was a fun experience. My hubby and I both came thru behind each other's vehicles. It was our first time here. I chose my package then the attendant told me it was $10 Tuesday so that's all I had to pay. "BONUS". I put the car in Neutral and the wash pulled me thru. I said fun cause I was on my phone with my hubby and he too was experiencing all the variety of lights flashing thru the different foams which made it seem like a carnival ride. LOL. PLUS my blue Kia looked awesome 👌🏽! Great Staff!
Cathy G.
20:50 12 Jan 22
Great wash
Pete M.
20:04 07 Jan 22
One of the best car washes I've ever been to very friendly great. Humes even after you a towel to wipe down your car after the voice if you want to detail it
Christopher C.
20:09 06 Jan 22
The only thing that really sucks is the vacuums, 10/10! 👌🏾
Donovan W.
18:59 04 Jan 22
Nice car wash
Dywanne H.
23:24 02 Jan 22
This is my go to place for the best drive in wash. They even have dry towels for your convenience.
clay L.
00:14 09 Dec 21
I had a good experience today. I received a 1.00 MVP carwash not sure when they do it exactly but I felt like I got lucky lol I would definitely go back
Alicia B.
00:21 19 Nov 21
Enjoyed the $1 wash. My car was very clean.
STL For R.
22:36 09 Nov 21
Great service!
Brian S
00:01 07 Nov 21
This is new place. The wash and vacuums work great. Staff was nice too. Highly recommend.
Cathy S.
03:12 02 Nov 21

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