Kearney, MO – Watson Drive


750 Watson Drive
Kearney, MO 64060

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Nice automatic car wash. Free vacuums and they have fantastic microfiber towels available to use.
Dustin J.
16:45 01 Oct 22
Our car comes out spotless everytime. You can't beat $10 Tuesdays! The kids love the colored lights and the Chiefs arrowhead that appears on the windshield.
Emily M.
18:58 27 Sep 22
The vacuums suck so strong!!! Even with a line we got through the tunnel very quickly and they have a great set up for vacuuming and wiping the car down.
Allison G.
22:05 25 Sep 22
I came for the introductory three months of car washes for $30, and I stayed for the excellent service, vacuums, and all that goes along with it! For once, I am actually keeping my car clean! The Club is clean and the staff & service is great. The vacuums are super strong.. & I mean SUPER strong, (& FREE) so be sure to check under your seats before you begin! They offer real towels & window cleaner at no extra charge as well. (return those towels!) I am usually alone when I drive thru & vacuum my car; so to the SINGLE LADIES, or just to the ladies who go alone like me- you will not feel like you always need to watch your back. (Altho we should always be aware of our surroundings!) I have been to car washes where you are beside a line of shrubs or bushes when you are vacuuming your car or you’re in a stall when you are washing your car.. & you feel kind of closed in & it always made me uneasy. (Plus, you are hurrying to get done before your time & money runs out, correct?) however, at Club Car wash I know that someone is in the office, or out & about & it’s a very open & clean area. (That’s why I added pics! Plus- my car looks good & it’s 8 yrs old!) With all that being said, so glad I signed up.. past my initial 3 mos! Well worth it!! (I definitely think I really am treating my car better than I ever have!)Lastly, The drive-thru gate is SO GREAT! IF you are signed up as a club member you can just pass right through the with no stopping- but I always slow down to grab a towel to use while going thru the wash! Don’t forget to tip! 😉 Great workers & service!!
Kim G
23:43 14 Sep 22
This is the best carwash in the area. I have 2 memberships because of the service and quality of the wash. I 100% recommend it.
19:14 14 Sep 22
I absolutely love this place. So convenient to just stop in when my car is dirty. There staff is always friendly. The vacuums are awesome. They’re going to put some ppl out of business. Ppl don’t tip enough. They really appreciate the tips.
Joyce M.
16:29 14 Sep 22
Live the place: great washes, towels to clean inside as you go through and more outside to wipe it down and the vacuum is unbelievable powerful.
Verlee G.
22:47 13 Sep 22
Great vacuums here. Little pricey and a lot of complaints about car damage from the wash in community forums but nothing I have witnessed personally.
Adam L.
22:38 13 Sep 22
Very convenient! Love this car wash service! Vacuums are awesome! People are so energetic and friendly!
NeeCee S.
00:15 13 Sep 22
Great car wash! I have the monthly membership and use it every chance I get. Vacuum area is great. Micro fiber towels and window cleaner provided for use. The only complaint I have is that the back of my suv never gets cleaned. Brushes never run across the back.
Jason R.
19:12 12 Sep 22
Best car wash service I've had, the finish of my vehicle seems to be more "shiny" than from any other automated wash I have used.
Keith W.
18:33 12 Sep 22
Great car wash at a reasonable price. The vacuums are the strongest I’ve ever used and supplying glass cleaner and extra towels is a nice added touch.
Ron T.
17:50 12 Sep 22
I love my membership to Club Car Wash. I wash it regularly and it always come out clean. And the free vacuums are a great bonus.
Debbie E.
15:50 12 Sep 22
I love this place and for many reasons. They take care of their veterans. It's on the way home, the line is never too long. The staff is friendly and helpful. The vacuums a good way!!! They will pull your shirt off your body if you're not careful. My truck is always looking good!!! Thanks for coming to Kearney, MO.
Kyle W.
15:39 12 Sep 22
I have 3 cars on their plan. I think it’s the employees that are consistent (as in the same people and little turn over) and they are just awesome. I recommend them to 2 of my neighbors who also signed up in KMO. Thank you Club Car Wash!!!
Brad J.
15:39 12 Sep 22
Car gets cleaned good every time, even after a long trip with plenty of bugs, dirt...Friendly staff also.
Rick I.
15:23 12 Sep 22
Just moved here to Kearney from Arizona and I love this place. Good wash for the money. The kids here are great and hard workers
stephen F.
15:23 12 Sep 22
Great car wash! Very happy to have this local!!!
Marsha D.
15:20 12 Sep 22
I'm very pleased with the washing I get there on my car.
Terri B.
15:18 12 Sep 22
Fast friendly service
Jamie B.
15:18 12 Sep 22
I love the carwash and service.The only thing I wish they had was compressed air to blow out the cracks of the sets.Best carwash in town.
Jeremy B.
15:17 12 Sep 22
Very good car wash. Could be better with chrome but much better than others
richard G.
15:16 12 Sep 22
Wash is convenient and the tech is some of the latest out there. The girls are friendly and welcoming ! And the fellas do aNice job getting you sprayed down and guided in!
Rosario T.
15:15 12 Sep 22
I have a monthly membership and really love it!
Schila F.
21:41 07 Aug 22
Speedy wash with vacuums. Well worth it
Travis T.
14:02 15 Jul 22
Staff is great, quality car wash. The employees who do the pre - soak work hard to make sure your car gets as clean as it can!
Madison W.
20:42 04 Jul 22
Hands down, best car wash in Kearney. Does a great job washing my truck and the free vac with the membership is a nice perk.
Michael H.
17:53 04 Jul 22
Get the top tier wash, my black mustang was clean for weeks!!!
Andy S.
01:59 03 Jul 22
Let me remember this place but it was actually pretty nice said they did a good job it's a place to back in my car at place to wipe down your own cand you're old own car you didn't cost a the cost of arm and a leg I said I think it's a pretty decent place
Sheriffs D.
13:49 28 Jun 22
Newer car wash. So far, after 3 visits, the car wash itself isn't bad. We chose the MVP wash which did quite well on our vehicles. 4 days later and the tire shine is still there. The vacuums are free with the wash, which had become normal. The vacuums here are very powerful, being a newer facility I would expect that, hopefully they take care of the system properly with maintenance and filter changes and keep it that way. Again, as most have nowadays, there is a vacuum for each side of the car per spot. They provide you with a spun dry towel on approach to wipe out the inside of your vehicle. This is nice, however, the answer I received for the dampness was residual soap and water from being spun dry. I question putting random soap on real leather. I did it, and I've had no concerns yet. The floor mat clamps by the vacuums are a little weak but hold pressure as long as you close them onto the mats.We are currently signed up for the $10 a month promo, using the MVP wash, and at this moment continue to keep that.Once the promo is up they are a little expensive, but hopefully society will adjust, which may adjust their prices.
Good job but bugs we're still on the windows
Diane S.
00:39 23 Jun 22
Very good car wash very polite people
Judy H.
12:43 14 Jun 22
Great carwash
Bridget T.
14:33 19 May 22
This is by far the cleanest car wash I have ever been to car came out clean no bugs vacuum area is by far the cleanest very friendly peopke.
Jessep9 H.
22:15 13 May 22
It's a car wash
Wendy S.
20:10 12 May 22
Excellent car wash. Free rags to use while you ride thru wash. Dries nicely and there are free vacuum stations with car mat holders. Monthly pass special right now is amazing. It's brand new works great!
Linda S.
19:51 22 Apr 22
Great wash, awesome vacuums! Damp towels for your interior.
Ray L.
16:50 16 Apr 22
Nifty 🤓
Amanda M.
05:56 02 Apr 22
The best carwash around! I can't even explain how good the vacuums are. They really a good way🤣🤣😌Surprised by the @chiefs emblem.
Amy C.
15:09 28 Mar 22

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