Lake St. Louis, MO – Hawk Ridge Trail


463 Hawk Ridge Trail
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
view of car wash from done with green grass and trees all around
Great job
JoAnn M.
22:07 07 Oct 22
Happy to pay this 25 and month for unlimited washed that actually do a great job.
Mike D.
21:59 07 Oct 22
I have tried several car washes and for me club is the best. I am very happy with the results.
Debbie L.
18:47 03 Oct 22
Special rates for veterans, cool, just wish it was touch free
Don B.
18:57 29 Sep 22
Always get you through in a fast but proficient way. Been going there for years always been satisfied!!
Peggy W.
04:18 26 Sep 22
Great car wash. Line moves fast and car comes out sparkling.
Len M.
13:48 14 Sep 22
You have everything needed for a great car wash
Dan H.
02:40 14 Sep 22
You all do a great job. Have excellent staff that are very nice. And best of all, you have good rates for veterans. I will continue to tell other veterans of your excellent business!
Michael C.
05:22 12 Sep 22
Excellent car wash and always friendly staff. Totally affordable packages for unlimited washes.
Brian B.
23:03 10 Sep 22
Best car wash around! N
Sharon L.
19:04 10 Sep 22
I love the convenience and ease of use with Club Car Wash. Having my car clean makes me happy and I love being able to run through anytime.
Dawn B.
18:49 10 Sep 22
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS CAR WASH!!! The BEST Auto Car Wash in the area! Car is alway's clean and damp towels provided to wipe off. The staff are great as well...
Barb H.
18:25 10 Sep 22
Great car wash! The workers always take time to make sure everything gets clean. The last time I was there Josh helped and did a great job.
Devon S.
17:40 10 Sep 22
Club car wash does a great job - very pleased having a monthly membership!
Brian J.
17:16 10 Sep 22
Been here a hundred times and always a smooth process, friendly staff. Great monthly value not to have to EVER get a hose out to wash my truck.
Brian B
17:15 10 Sep 22
I'm a member of the unlimited club. Wash is usually very good. Staff friendly kind of lazy on ocassion and wipe down never the best but overall good wash and free vacuums. I'll continue to use them
Michael W.
20:18 05 Sep 22
Everyone here is friendly and hardworking. We take both our vehicles there.
Sue J.
19:49 05 Sep 22
When it comes to having a clean exterior, this is the place to go.
Thomas B.
14:33 05 Sep 22
Employees are all very nice and do an excellent job!
Linda B.
13:38 05 Sep 22
Best car wash I have ever belonged too. Good service friendly staff and great wash. I like the free vacuum and towels to complete the drying process.
Bill and Paula A.
00:57 05 Sep 22
Always great service the employees go above and beyond
Ronnie B.
00:38 05 Sep 22
Great service.That. Do a pre entry wash with soapy water. The car wash tunnel works wonders. At exit usually somebody will give a quick spot dry.
C.d M.
23:38 04 Sep 22
Always friendly and do an amazing job on the car wash
jacqueline E.
22:41 04 Sep 22
I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Two cars in the plans.Love it.
Eric K.
22:30 04 Sep 22
I love Club. I have been a little disappointed with only one thing and that is the dirt at the bottom of the car after it's washed. Before and after photos. See the black at the bottom? Other than that I enjoy being a member.Update:8/13/22 the line of dirt still happens but it is still a great deal for the wash.
Kecia C.
21:56 13 Aug 22
Competitively priced drive-thru car washes and free vacuums!! I like that the vacuum stations have hoses on either side of the vehicle making it easy to reach all areas. There are also sturdy clips to hang mats for cleaning as well as spray cleaner and cloths for cleaning windows.
Marie B.
02:28 01 Aug 22
The best vacuums around, so powerful! Staff was great and never have we experienced such through ness at the entrance of the wash.
Amanda A.
00:25 15 Jul 22
When pulling up every vehicle should get the same treatment
Kevin S.
00:23 11 Jul 22
Love the $10 tuseday for cardinal glenn
17:29 10 Jun 22
Love this new addition to our area
Tonya C.
07:44 29 May 22
I don't really understand the concept of having teenagers squirt water on your windshield and front of car before entering a car wash so they can charge a higher price. But it's as good as any, I suppose. Their scanning device didn't read our membership so we had to stop to let an attendant read a number inside our door. We did get a good wash just in time for the next rainstorm to come through.
Heidi M.
02:05 24 May 22
Getting busy so it gets lines. Needs better blow drying especially on the rear. Good service from employees.
edward J.
09:15 09 May 22
Great service. My car is always super clean afterwards— no smudges. Good prices.
Heather H.
00:41 09 May 22
Love the convenience!
18:10 05 May 22
This/these locations are EXCEPTIONAL!!! My mom told me about the membership...I balked at first, but finally purchased the 30 per month elite package. Couldn't be more happy about my decision! You can roll through, more than once a day, if so The actual wash does such a great job, plus free vacs, nice drying towels(return them) and a great crew at each location that I've been to...I absolutely believe in this worth at a great price!
Mike M.
00:09 05 May 22
Kids there bust their butts to make sure your car comes out clean. Best car wash I've ever been too.Still doing a great job !!!
Darrell R.
02:43 26 Apr 22
They got my car clean
Frank A.
19:13 14 Apr 22
Beat deal I town.
Patricia L.
07:36 03 Apr 22
Everything worked properly the vacuums didn't smell and the trash was emptied
Jennifer Kay G.
04:15 24 Mar 22
Always super cleaning
paul M.
20:42 18 Mar 22
Fast clean service.
20:35 15 Mar 22
polite staff,and t hey do great job.
Paul W.
15:02 26 Feb 22
First time at a Club Car Wash and only utilized the free services as a traveler this type or thing is welcomed. Having come from a part of the country where insanity seems to be the order of things I appreciated the easy to use vacuum systems and was satisfied by the effectiveness of its power. Should I see another one of these along the way I'll surely stop by.
mansa S.
01:57 25 Feb 22
Love the convenience! Love the flexibility of using other locations. Rags are provided. I don't have to lug around a vacuum.
Martha G.
20:05 10 Feb 22
So far so good, cleaned my car well. I took advantage of the monthly payment option and think it will be a good deal.
Dewayne P.
00:03 27 Jan 22
Great car wash...
Cristina S.
00:14 19 Jan 22
Very good wash for the price. Good vacuums and free towels to wipe everything down.
Kevin R.
17:34 07 Sep 21
Their special 3 months unlimited best washes for $30 plus air freshener is worth it!! Also great customer care in Lake Saint Louis!!!
18:11 05 Sep 21
The staff working on the cars are Amazing! So detailed, true perfection!And in this horrible heat!! Hope they are safe!!
Barbara Pirge S.
18:35 28 Aug 21
Clean wash strong dry spray and clean wheels the membership is well worth it
Cheryl A.
20:54 17 Aug 21
Will go again.
Carol G.
12:36 10 Aug 21
Amazing as always. Pass holder and use all of them regularly as does my wife. Highly recommend and help charity on Tuesday MVP washes.
Tony J.
20:16 08 Aug 21
Very good wash
Lester D.
16:10 16 Jul 21
I recently signed up for the $10/mo unlimited car washes club. Really good deal and super happy so far. Very nice employees as well.
Katie K.
12:42 28 Jun 21
I signed up for the limited time $10 per month unlimited wash deal. Can't beat it.However this location has weak dryers at the end of the wash. It leaves a considerable amount of water on the car and spotting occurs if left on for too long. Other Club Carwash locations, like the one near Manchester, is much more effective at drying for some reason. Otherwise everything else is great here.
Thach Ho (.
03:45 19 May 21
Love this place!
Matt G.
17:44 04 May 21
Great little Carwash!
Benjamin R.
22:27 03 May 21
Great Wash, my car looks as good as new!
Taylor N.
21:47 03 May 21

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