O’Fallon, MO – West Terra Lane


2140 W Terra Lane
O'Fallon, MO 63366

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
front view of car wash entrance with red booth on left and canopy above
love this place...$10 tuesday Is a great deal considering you can bring a receipt back within 3 days and get another wash for free !!!
John M.
17:16 04 Oct 22
Great wash , vacuums worked well
Toyin Oduwole, R.
02:52 19 Aug 22
Best car wash around. Love how clean your car gets, the cloths applied for drying and cleaning, the powerful vacuums on both sides of the car.
Edlund L.
23:56 10 Aug 22
Good car wash
So fun going through that crazy machine and the interior clean up spots are great too. Makes everything so easy coming here and cleaned up my moms car nice for her!
Sean Z.
04:11 12 Jul 22
They spray off your vehicle before the wash and a young lady dried my SUV of after. Definitely full service and my vehicle looks great
Meliss R.
15:00 23 Jun 22
A very good car wash with a 2 day guarantee. Free vacuums sure are great!
06:30 16 Jun 22
Absolutely love this car wash I have not one complaint I highly recommend the fast pass which is unlimited washes every month for one price especially during the summer and if u wash your vehicle alot. I love this place
Lisa C.
15:38 28 Apr 22
Place is great, people are friendly and they have the towel dry if you want it at the end. Blowers at this location don't hit your car like the other locations nearby.
Samuel D.
17:48 23 Apr 22
Excellent place, excellent price.
Casey L.
16:44 06 Mar 22
Always does a great job on my car.
Paul C.
01:23 01 Mar 22
Nice and convenient.
armando G.
03:17 07 Feb 22
Sometimes the kids that work there are too busy chatting it up with each other before they decide to come out if their little office area. And there's a couple of them that barely dry your vehicle, I get when it's really busy and there is a line of cars but, for the price I would expect a bit more service especially when it isn't busy. I give tips hoping they will do a bit more but, I still get the same mediocre service. Don't get me wrong ive seen some new hires that do a decent job, its the ones that I've seen there for awhile that seemed to have gotten complacent.
ReBekka D.
13:16 13 Jan 22
A very good car wash with a 2 day guarantee. Free vacuums sure are great!
Thomas L.
06:53 05 Dec 21
Nice clean wash love the deals they have if it rains u can come back in a couple days and get a free was but make sure u keep ur receipt
Lamar C.
02:04 13 Aug 21
Really good car wash. Free vacuum
leanna C.
03:08 26 Jun 21
Great job on my wash always
Melvin R.
01:13 15 Jun 21
Automatic reader does not work many times.
Carton S.
23:58 05 May 21
Super clean every time. A bit pricey for the month membership
Doug C.
18:46 13 Apr 21
Great deals on monthly packages! Locations everywhere!
Gary M.
19:19 08 Apr 21
Upon entry a gentleman took a sprayer and sprayed the front grill and window and did on back too. This helped get all the bug guts off. He gave a black cloth to me to wipe down my car after. You have to return it in a bin after. My car was washed very good. The vacuum was great. I have dogs and the hair came right up. There was a free car mat washer and free air for tires. I did not use them but have never see these available at other car washes. Nice staff and overall was pleased. I will be returning.
Angela M.
00:14 08 Apr 21
The ceramic treatment is great
19:41 29 Mar 21
Only carwash I goto...and trust always excellent service always great membership prices
calvin S.
20:22 24 Feb 21
They do a wonderful job when it was Tigar Express. Now that it has changed hands it has broken down with me in it twice. The first time I had went through and the dryer didn't go and soap was all over they told me to go through again and I was just going in and it stopped. I ask to let mebout and they ignored me. I sat there 20 minutes and there was no way out. That was December 5 and the 2nd time was in January. We had 3 cars with the monthly membership and we canceled them all.
Judith S.
06:27 01 Feb 21
Very good car wash polite workers
Kirk B.
22:45 26 Dec 20
Good deal packages.good service
Joseph T.
19:16 12 Dec 20
Good wash. The wipedown at the end was not good.
Michael W.
19:35 02 Dec 20
Fast and friendly service. They even wiped our car off when we exited.
Linda T.
23:30 18 Nov 20
Best car wash around. Sara is very helpful. All the guys do a very good job..!!
paul M.
16:21 07 Nov 20
Very pleased with our wash.
Terri B.
01:55 25 Sep 20
Free high powered vacuuming is just the tip of the iceberg with this fantastic car washing service.
Earthworm J.
18:42 14 Sep 20
Best car wash in the area. Staff is friendly and does a great job.
Greg J.
22:03 28 Aug 20
It's nice to have the car wiped dry when it comes out. 👍
Brad R.
21:17 23 Aug 20
Love this place
Russ C.
15:14 28 May 20
Best car wash around $0.95 a day you have your $30 even taking out once a month go through it as many times as you want
Kirk B.
02:12 10 Feb 20
Good car wash
Jimmy B.
01:35 28 Jan 20
Usually a good wash. Please fix the vacuums. Even when there is a line out to the street they move cars thru fast. The kids working there are hard workers.
Charles S.
07:24 09 Jan 20
Love that the towels and vacuums are included.
Terri D.
14:52 26 Dec 19
Like any of us, I've been to many car washes in my life and the Tiger Wash is hand's down the best ever. My 4runner is hard to clean but this wash gets it done. The workers are always on point with getting the extra spots cleaned or dried. Very glad this is close to the house.
15:11 21 Dec 19
Did a great job.
Adrian G.
17:40 02 Dec 19
Great car wash. Car always comes out beautiful
Debbie L.
22:01 24 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this place to get your car washed. Their packages are priced great
Brian P.
11:47 16 Nov 19
It was better than Tiger Express wash at Bryan Road. I love that they take the time to dry off the water spots on the SUV. The employees were very nice. There were still bug spots on the front of the SUV.
Marcia B.
02:41 08 Oct 19
Friendly staff and does a great job take advantage of their monthly plans
William B.
04:51 07 Oct 19
Always a good wash!
Renny B.
22:35 01 Oct 19
I have the monthly membership for me and my wife's car. For $30 a month each it's a great deal you can go as often as needed. They spray bugs and most grime off before you even enter and give a quick wipe down on your exit. Free vacuums outside as well
Mike L.
01:10 29 Sep 19
$6 car wash and free vacuuming not too bad
Scott G.
00:10 14 Sep 19
Excellent service.
Joe Z
23:33 04 Sep 19
I have used this particular location a few times a year. It is right behind the McDonald's Gas Station.Vacuum cleaners are free to use with a carwash.
Jason L.
15:46 03 Sep 19
Just needed a quick wash.👍
Shel L
18:31 02 Sep 19
Easy in, easy out
Larry W.
12:06 07 Aug 19
Only car wash I like to use. Cleaner than the rest for sure!
Dustin J.
04:33 07 Aug 19
Great carwash
Shane P.
18:29 21 Jul 19
Best vacuums around and friendly staff.
Elizabeth F.
16:19 19 Jul 19
Does a great job
Bill B.
00:54 16 Jul 19
Love the vaccums.
Becky R.
19:18 30 Jun 19
Can't beat tiger Express car Wash especially with the free vacuums
Aaron C.
12:14 03 Jun 19
Love the unlimited car wash packages!
Tonya H.
09:56 16 May 19
Great free vacuum
Jeff S.
22:04 14 May 19
Car shines like new money
Louis Ervin B.
16:14 24 Apr 19
Great carwash with friendly staff. Monthly package deals make the most sense for most customers (if you plan to wash your car more than twice monthly).
Rob K.
01:02 15 Apr 19
Love this carwash. When your car is bring wash. These guys spray off street scrum. After going throu. There is guys one at the end. Wiping of the water. They all are very nice bunch of guys too.
Vickie B.
02:08 12 Mar 19
Great monthly rates
Joe M.
17:24 28 Feb 19
Washed my car and had a good time
17:50 17 Feb 19
Good wash
Terry S.
23:21 06 Feb 19
I'm a regular now. The kids do a pretty good job for prewash and final dry.
Kecia C.
21:17 13 Jan 19
Great value
Dean C.
17:51 31 Dec 18
mitzi R.
02:55 31 Aug 18
Great service to stop in and clean your vehicles. Returning customer!!!!
tracy K.
07:03 08 Jul 18
My favorite car wash company
Justin J.
13:07 02 May 18
Absolutely amazing, that Adam guy really knows how to get down and dirty!
Nicholas B.
23:32 06 Feb 18
Very cool place. Car gets very clean!
19:27 16 Jan 18
Best around! and that Adam guy up there is really helpful and polite! i will be going back and getting ARM plan!!
Benjamin R.
22:36 23 Dec 17
I was happy to get the free car wash after downloading the app. What made it even better was the guarantee they provided for the next 2 days. What I didn't expect after getting my car washed is that employee 8579 came to where I was parked and started drying my Tahoe. Customer service was perfect!
Señora A.
00:42 18 Aug 17
Thank you guys. That's the cleanest my car has been in a long time. When ever I come through StL we be using your car wash.
Chris & Brandy B.
16:27 30 Jul 17
By far the best wash I've been to! Pricing seems high at first glance but comes with a total of 3 washes! And literally the highest quality customer service I've dealt with from a drive through wash! STEVE helped me out today and was very knowledgeable and up to date on the services that were offered! THANKS AGAIN TIGER YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!
Frank S.
12:52 19 Apr 17
Best vacuum and wash !
Roy H
20:21 04 Sep 15

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