Troy, MO – Merlin Drive


2 Merlin Drive
Troy, MO 63379

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Good service. Could do a better job with drying,however, it’s worth the money.
Jeff P.
12:41 13 Oct 22
Great Car Wash !!
Gary B.
20:01 12 Oct 22
Alyssa and Mary are the best!
Neil B.
15:53 11 Oct 22
We belong to the Club Car Wash, and would go to no other... We have had Excellent Service and would recommend them to everyone!!! Thanks Guys and Girls!!!
Michael P.
12:08 03 Oct 22
Just to run it through the robo wash nothing more or less
Rick B.
03:34 03 Oct 22
We love the service here. We have the club membership and use it almost daily!
Kelly M.
00:17 01 Oct 22
Excellent wash. Free vacuum and towel to dry off- but please return them in the bucket so they can be washed and reused
Kirk R.
18:37 25 Sep 22
Auto car wash does a very good job free vacuum
Bruce W.
16:28 08 Sep 22
Always courteous. Thorough automated wash. Very pleased with job wash does. Highly recommend. Allow Veteran discount.Helpful.
Lloyd S.
14:08 08 Sep 22
I live in Troy, and this place is a world-class car wash. I keep a monthly membership with them and can drive through anytime I like. They provide towels for your use after you go through the blowdryers, and the vacuums after you come out are powerful enough to easily help you get rid of pepples, straws, dried mud, even pet hairs. My car always looks bright and shiney!
Wayne B.
17:08 06 Sep 22
Car wash!! a clean car is a happy car
Richard L.
20:14 05 Sep 22
Great car wash and great service 👍
Roy M.
19:48 05 Sep 22
Great car wash Great deals for Veteran's
Michael M.
15:53 05 Sep 22
I love the place ! Monthly membership is awesome!
Sarah H.
00:39 05 Sep 22
My home away from home for my black 2018 Nissan Armada Platinum. I strive to keep my ride clean! Club Car Wash helps me keep it that way!!
Craig M.
23:52 04 Sep 22
Excellent car wash. Attendants are awesome.M
Vicky N.
23:21 04 Sep 22
Always have attendants to pretreat the vehicle. Cars always look great afterwards.
Ronald M.
22:50 04 Sep 22
Great wash and fast kids do a good job
Mike S.
22:48 04 Sep 22
It was a great car wash but became way too expensive for me to continue my membership.
Mary P.
22:43 04 Sep 22
Club Car Wash is AWESOME! Being able to always drive a clean, shiney car makes you LOOK good and FEEL good!In a word...they are the BEST!!!
Don B.
22:30 04 Sep 22
Great service and great in and out fast wash. 👍
tom W.
22:28 04 Sep 22
The people are always polite and it is a pleasure to do my car cleaning there!
Barbara T.
22:27 04 Sep 22
They spray my car & motion for me to go on in. They are great workers.
Donna M.
22:27 04 Sep 22
Fine job fast been à member for 5 are 6 years very happy
David K.
22:26 04 Sep 22
Do an awesome job always and are so niceI’ve been a member for a long long time
Marilyn M.
22:22 04 Sep 22
Car wash with spray wax. Towels provided for interior/exterior wiping. Vacuums outside of Wash bay for interior cleaning
Susan G.
22:22 04 Sep 22
I love this place the staff is great and my car comes out squeaky clean I'd recommend this place to anyone
Jay H.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Fist class
Bret M.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Good place to get a quick wash, reasonably priced
Linda A.
22:19 04 Sep 22
1st time car was sparkley. Clean..I went on free car wash day..donation for kids imagination books.. love that they were so kind to donate their equipment and employees to such a great neighborhood outreach..So Good job...I will be back ☆♡☆
Deborah S.
00:58 16 Aug 22
Better than washing by hand and the vacuums work very well
brian R.
00:55 16 Aug 22
It does a good job on my car every time I go there and the people there are really nice so if you want a good car wash and meet some friendly people go to Club Car Wash
Daniel W.
22:38 07 Aug 22
Always a great job.
debbie S.
21:31 01 Aug 22
Great car wash. This place is helping to keep the clean car standards of Lincoln county residents a little bit higher.
Russell M.
00:56 30 Jul 22
Best Ever
Larry A.
03:23 12 Jul 22
Great car wash and veteran friendly
James B.
22:16 05 Jul 22
Best wash around!
Amy K.
03:23 23 Jun 22
Started the monthly carwash club, so far I am impressed on through-put as well as my car comes our clean. The undercarriage is beneficial!
dizzy D.
16:05 22 Jun 22
Best car wash by far. Love the vacuums that are free and rainbow car was is excellent 👌
My favorite Car Wash...Does an amazing job I have not one complaint 👌
Lisa C.
09:25 08 Apr 22
Fantastic best carwash ever
Dan M.
21:21 04 Apr 22
Clean Car + Wonderful Service
Scott M.
13:32 02 Apr 22
Always a good wash.
23:45 13 Mar 22
My pickup is always clean. Don't forget to tip!
20:00 27 Feb 22
Pretty average car wash. Definitely on the expensive side. The monthly membership is where it's at if you want the value. 2 washes and it's paid for.
Steven P
18:14 16 Feb 22
Hard workers
Lisa L.
20:02 09 Feb 22
Does a good job and free vacuum is nice
Aaron R.
23:34 18 Dec 21
One word wow
liam J.
21:03 18 Dec 21
Good car wash. Friendly people
Charlie H.
18:36 17 Dec 21
This is my favorite car wash. The attendants spray your car off before entering the wash. The wash does an excellent job! This is the best wash I've ever been to!!
23:07 03 Dec 21
Like this place , cleans my truck good. A good place for a fast truck wash
Linda W.
19:46 23 Nov 21
Great washes. I have been coming for awhile and have notice Tremendous change in the atmosphere and the over quality of the facility. I definitely recommend and will keep coming!
Autumn B.
20:12 21 Nov 21
Great except the wash never gets the rocker panels.
Michael P.
20:23 06 Nov 21
Great kids running the car wash!
Vanessa G.
18:40 04 Nov 21
Always have been fast
melvin H.
16:24 31 Oct 21
Great carwash for the price! The young men are very polite and really prewash your car well.
Edita 2.
01:09 19 Oct 21
I live 2 hours away but I cannot pass this Carwash up when I go by. Their customer service is amazing!!! The wash is second to NONE!! If it’s not clean the first time (which happens….I live on gravel and it takes extra work to get clean) they do it again no problem. If I lived here I’d have the monthly package FOR SURE!!! I appreciate you all so much!
Brandy J.
20:11 10 Oct 21
Always seems to do a good job, tire shine is thick, if you dont like it, tell them not to put it on
Gerald H.
19:49 10 Oct 21
Cleaned my laramie shinny clean
Patrick T.
01:13 02 Sep 21
Prices are a little steep for a single car wash, but if you are nuts about keeping your car clean like I am, the membership is well worth it.
Brian L.
20:11 07 May 21
Did a good job.
Larry C.
19:23 13 Apr 21
Best car wash around, car was glossy for a week, if you see a wait to get your ride washed, it's worth waiting for!
Rachel S.
00:06 25 Mar 21
I would have gave you guys five stars but they got the VIP car wash they missed places on my Jeep then when I'm ready to go vacuum I suppose they needed to be empty because there was no suction whatsoever was very unhappy this time
Laurie C.
01:07 22 Mar 21
Nice options and great customer service.
Richard R.
00:02 11 Mar 21
I got $10 wash. They gave me a microfiber towel to clean the inside of my SUV and then I used it to touch up the wheels. They sprayed my it prior to going into the wash. This wash is the best I've tried so far, and most of my wheels came clean! I had very minimal extra drying and touch up on the wheels. I will definitely go back!
Kathy L.
16:05 07 Mar 21
Prices are fine, but the lines are usually long. Does a decent enough job cleaning your vehicle. Some of the people that work there arent great though.
00:55 05 Mar 21
Fast helpful staff, great wash, and all the self serve extra interior cleaning you could want.
Loren C.
16:25 27 Feb 21
I am a monthy member and I would recommend their services.The workers are very polite and professional. The automatic wash is very thorough. Remember to tip they are worth it.
Bryan H.
22:12 18 Feb 21
Decent wash and all, but I had left a set of floor matts and some tie down straps in the bed of my truck before I went through. They were to heavey to fly out so I wasn't worried about them. Wouldn't be a big deal if they said somthing, or moved them or let me put them in the cab, but instead they took them to the side in the car wash. I had finished having my truck washed and was vacuuming it out when I realized it was missing some stuff. I had to walk back around into the car wash and get it from the side where they had tossed it. Not real impressed. The fact you care enough to respond though shows alot. Im going to leave the first part of my review for people to see, but I'm gonna change the rating I gave you. Thank you for actually caring.
redneck R.
05:42 08 Feb 21
Great job!
Debbie A.
22:30 04 Feb 21
Great car wash and the employees do a great job. Would recommend!!
Thomas R.
06:16 26 Jan 21

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