Washington, MO – Willows Court


2330 Willows Court
Washington, MO 63090

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Always shiny and clean. A great value if you like your car clean, and don't want to get dirty doing it.
Dan K.
15:31 22 Oct 22
Will go back to wash and vac
Kevin W.
00:46 22 Oct 22
Convenient, simple, quick. My car has not looked better. Very glad I got the monthly package. Highly recommended!
Dan and Jodi S.
13:39 21 Oct 22
They do a decent job. Some spots were missed.
Stephen L.
13:21 18 Oct 22
Always a nice clean car employee's r very nice and friendly
Kim J.
14:11 14 Oct 22
Always a great job!
Karen B.
20:03 30 Sep 22
Easy to use
Bob S.
20:03 15 Sep 22
Great car wash!
Jennifer F.
19:28 07 Sep 22
Best car wash ever! There is hardly ever a line, and if there is, it moves fast! Their damp rags are perfect for wiping down the inside of your car, including windows (no streaks!) as well as outside windows and mirrors. Vacuum hoses are conveniently located on either side of bay and have such strong suction I would recommend using with care around small children and pets. 😆 Seriously though, I love this car wash!
Darci G.
17:27 07 Sep 22
Club car wash member. Get to have one of these in town.
Spencer F.
09:13 07 Sep 22
always get great service at club car wash!
Joseph W.
16:08 06 Sep 22
This very good club to be a part of I would recommend my whole family and friends...💫❤️
Khalid K.
21:46 05 Sep 22
Friendly staff!
Cindy N.
20:14 05 Sep 22
Always fast service and always a pleasure to visit. I use several locations and this wash is their best wash!!!
Matt H.
17:36 05 Sep 22
Thank u for honering Vets everything is 5 star except air drying as leavingIt sucks ,have to wipe done hood mirrors w)s
Bill L.
17:34 05 Sep 22
Does a great job
Connie K.
17:33 05 Sep 22
I love going to the car wash as often as possible.
Tina B.
17:29 05 Sep 22
Love this car wash.
Kathy O.
17:19 05 Sep 22
Efficient, and friendly
Charlie & Linda J.
17:18 05 Sep 22
Easy to use and staff are friendly and helpful. Passing through cleans my truck and allows me to keep it looking new
Ronald S.
17:18 05 Sep 22
All we have is drive thur for $32 a month which we like.Needs to fix lights on sign in drive thir
Jo Nell B.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Best car wash I’ve ever used!
Darren L.
17:16 05 Sep 22
I love the convenience of this car wash and the fact that the vacuums are free.
Danielle E.
17:15 05 Sep 22
Joined the wash club unlimited washes each month great job
Doug T.
19:21 26 Aug 22
Good service
Tony L.
22:23 25 Jul 22
Great place to wash your car. Prices are very reasonable and the staff is always super nice.
Robert B.
20:10 11 Jul 22
Great wash free vac but still seems a but pricy. But hey at least a 17 dollar wash will get u a free light show
Carl W.
23:05 16 May 22
Pricey 25 for a carwash and it was ok
Shannon W.
12:15 28 Apr 22
Clean. Every. Time.
Andrew N.
11:33 13 Apr 22
It's a good car washes car washes go, they do have cheap Tuesday where you can get a complete car wash for $10 I believe, you'll have to check about that one.
Robert B.
16:47 18 Feb 22
I'm very impressed with the staff, the membership, and the facilities. Recommended it to anyone
Jeff Alan F.
18:55 08 Feb 22
Always polite staff.
David P.
04:39 07 Feb 22
The employees were accommodating. Quick wash, easy to join, don't expect perfection as this is an automated carwash but the wash is decent enough for my daily driver. They also told me about their promotion automatically upon joining the club, great customer service. This is my first time joining a carwash club and this has been a breeze. Keep up the great work.
Ronnele R.
21:53 04 Feb 22
I love this car wash. It does a real good job, free vacuums and on Tuesday you can get the 25.00 car was for 10.00. win win
Laura K.
05:29 30 Jan 22
Great place!
Ron V.
01:37 29 Jan 22
Workers are courteous, fast working, car always looks great when finished. Love the free powerful vacuum and towel. Will be joining club wash again, for new car.
Pamela L.
23:59 22 Jan 22
Keeps my truck looking pretty.
Matt S.
15:43 21 Jan 22
Best place to get your car washed in washington! Wouldve gotten 5 stars but the tire shine sprays all over the side of the truck, luckily my truck is black, but its gritty on the bottom 1/3 of my doors.
Chris D.
22:07 22 Dec 21
Very good wash I've been happy ever time
dennis S.
20:09 02 Dec 21
Washed three cars today.
Rory R.
22:52 04 Oct 21
The best car wash in town. I do find their pricing a little bit confusing but maybe that's just me. I love the vacuum system beats your home shop vac for sure.
Michael L.
19:36 09 Aug 21
Been a customer for almost 2 years and I love it. Except recently while going through the wash it really smells horrible. So bad that I don't want to come back.
Carly L.
00:15 06 Aug 21
Best of all of them that I have tried so far!
T B.
00:17 22 Jul 21
Never been to one before and decided to try it out. Was going to get the membership but the guy at the checkout told me about their $10 Tuesdays and how it would be a better deal. He didn't have to do that, he could of just taken my money. But I was thankful he did. The whole place was clean and staff was all friendly.
rebecca B.
05:15 11 Jul 21
Does a good job, tell thecattendants about problem spots and they'll take care of it. Tip well, they work hard fr you.
Patrick B.
02:15 10 Jul 21
Nice clean, good pre-wash.
Tommy T.
18:54 08 Jul 21
Staff was kinda rude
Samantha W.
21:51 24 Jun 21
A very quick way of cleaning my vehicle. The vacuum cleaner is the best!
Ron A.
20:45 12 Jun 21
best place ever. free vacuum with great suction, good car washes. little diamond in the ruf
Britt W.
22:56 09 Jun 21
Great service and washes. Employees are super awesome and respectful and always helpful
Russ D.
22:09 25 May 21
They did a good job. Little pricey and at that price it should be a great job but truck is clean and free vacuum works great
Christopher G.
21:02 18 May 21
Your car's clean when you leave that place in your pockets Our full
Michael P.
17:59 13 May 21
My Jeep looks like new everytime I go thru the wash. The vacuums are very powerful and do a great job on cleaning my dog hair out of the carpet. The moist towels are great for picking up the dust inside on the dashboard doors... Highly recommend the top wash and wax.
Steve S.
02:17 02 May 21
This is a good car wash, but it is to fast. I had soap still on my car in the front and back. The track is going to fast and not doing it's job. It was going slow and did great but now not so good.
Claud S.
03:45 30 Apr 21
Monthly pass great for my taxi driving husband. Wish they had a punch card and longer drying time. Thank you so much for the free vacuums!
Annette M.
06:38 25 Apr 21
Best wash in town. The only complaint I have is that the pre-wash guys tend to slam my auto folding mirrors before I can close them.
Jim B.
00:26 24 Apr 21
This place was incredible. Fast friendly service. They also know how to take care of Vets. Offer a Veterans and Military discount
Andrew F.
10:37 16 Apr 21
Did a great job of cleaning my car and the vacuums are awesome
Jody N.
23:38 14 Apr 21
Fast and easy
23:44 10 Apr 21
Fast service and cleans cars/ trucks very well
Keith H.
17:43 02 Apr 21
Great car wash. Reasonably priced and the services offered are limitless to how clean you want your vehicle.
David L.
14:53 02 Apr 21
Gret place for car wash
William K.
22:42 28 Mar 21

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