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2401 N Rock Road
Derby, KS 67037

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Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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I love Club Carwash! Especially the Derby location they are all very kind and helpful. I highly recommend!
Heather M.
10:40 20 Oct 22
Free vacuums!
Kristen K.
17:01 11 Oct 22
THE BEST car wash.
Penny R.
14:54 05 Oct 22
Had window chalk on windows. Had to go thru twice to get the men to put treatment fluids on the chalk. Got it all off with 2nd pass!
23:55 14 Sep 22
Great service, my car loves The Club!!
Liz B.
01:43 10 Sep 22
Great car wash. Gets my car clean. I like the free detailing clothes so I can wipe down my door jams, doors and mirrors. Vacuums do a great job. Free air fresheners too. I dig it!
Michael W.
00:26 10 Sep 22
Always a good, fast clean car!!
Rhonda L.
21:37 09 Sep 22
Perfect wash and cleaning every time..great staff..easy in and out..towels available, free vacuum is also available and handy to're missing out if you're not at the Club...
Duke S.
18:33 09 Sep 22
I have been a member for close to a year now, I love that I can get my car washed multiple time during the month, when I need it. The employees are extremely helpful in Derby and very courteous. Thank you, satisfied verteran.
Barbara K.
17:25 09 Sep 22
They supply towels to complete the drying process plus a window cleaner for the inside cleaning of the windows and windshield.
Steve B.
16:45 09 Sep 22
Great car washGreat priceHighly recommend
Brian M.
16:42 09 Sep 22
Good wash, even when extra muddy.
16:31 09 Sep 22
Always get a car wash and my car is always super clean and thankful for the military discount.
maggie S.
16:24 09 Sep 22
The best in the business the vaccum is great everything about the facility is top notch
Mike M.
16:18 09 Sep 22
Great at cleaning your vehicle!!
Brian W.
16:17 09 Sep 22
I love club car wash. The car looks great! I love they give a military discount as well
Karin M.
16:15 09 Sep 22
This is a weekly habit...much easier to keep a clean car clean.
Ric W.
22:24 02 Sep 22
Great place for the price you pay, friendly staff, and an even better vacuum system, great place all around.
Crafties S.
00:21 01 Sep 22
We love it!
Billy B.
03:12 26 Aug 22
Good car wash and great suction for vacuums
Raina A.
15:58 22 Aug 22
The best!
Tom K
15:58 10 Jul 22
Great staff
Dionne R.
19:47 29 Jun 22
To be frank, I only get a membership when they have the $10 a month for 3 months deal. I mostly wash my car in winter to get any salt off my car, or in summer when we take roadtrips and my car is covered in bug innards. The biggest reason I go is because my toddler loves it. 5 minutes of entertainment and joy to my kid is worth it. They always do a good job, they are friendly, and I like using their vacuums.
22:14 13 Jun 22
This place is super cool. Its like being in a giant womb with awsome lights and my car was a fetus. If your fetus needs washed give it a try.
Lewis E.
12:58 10 May 22
Powerful vacuums
John F.
23:20 20 Mar 22
GREAT Car wash, as always very good people working hard to keep things going.
Kenny V.
23:41 20 Jan 22
Cleans your car nicely
Luke H.
01:35 02 Jan 22
Great wash and the vacuums are the very best. They also provide towels and window cleaner. I will tell all if my friends
Jeannie W.
00:52 28 Dec 21
Quality car wash
justin W.
20:33 22 Dec 21
Cleans car real well, with no effort from you. Cleaning windows and vacuuming is another story. But it's available at no charge.
Gary L.
21:15 16 Dec 21
I love this carwash. We pay 16 bucks a month for unlimited washes (military member) and because they prerinse everyone's car scratches are less likely.
Kim P.
20:34 05 Dec 21
We have been using Club Car Wash since they have opened and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Using the membership is so easy and if you need to cancel or put on hold they are understanding and helpful. Then there is the inside of your vehicle, the vacuum system is amazing. I have never been to any car wash before that all the vacuums work all the time. Keep up the great work!
Ryan/Patricia A.
22:35 18 Nov 21
Thank you for the free car wash on veteran's day
John D.
02:49 15 Nov 21
This is the only place that you can get unlimited Car Wash and Free Self Vaccuming with Brand New machines that Actually make your Car's interior look like Brand New For $20.00 a Month with auto pay with your debit card or Credit card, They also supply Free Cloth Towels to wipe down all area's of your car, and if you're a Veteran like me you get this Spectacular Deal for $16.75 a Month and you can Cancel your Service at any time, But You know that You want to Look Good in the Car You Drive and So does Your Car, Take My advice and Get This For Yourself because it's not available anywhere else but Club Car Wash and they have locations in Wichita, Derby, and other Cities all over the Country, and their Open Front 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. 😊
16:10 05 Nov 21
Not going to lie I showed up wanting to cancel my membership I was so overwhelmed and in satisfied with my washes, then Andrea walked me through everything and fixed my tire shine then she came out and washed the car for me and after that she showed me how to make sure I get no spots on my car! These old bones Surely did appreciate her. I even kept my membership but I’m only going to wash when she’s there
Toby G.
18:07 25 Oct 21
Super friendly, fast and knowledgeable.I got a young lady blonde hair always has blue glasses on. I believe she said her name was “Andrea?” Helped me at the booth, washed my truck then walked the parking lot and asked how everything turned out. Hands down recommend!
Skud J.
15:49 25 Oct 21
Good car wash
Cheri M.
14:48 13 Oct 21
Great carwash
Tom G.
16:18 16 Sep 21
03:23 13 Sep 21
Always love the club. Friendly staff.Update: i knew i wouldnt make it in time to get my car washed but i pulled in and the staff were going through the process of closing for the night. I asked if i could just vacuum my vehicle out and come back in the morning to wash it. These awesome young adults looked at me and said. "Sure, let me turn the vacuums back on real quick." I would have understood had they said no. I was rushing in there at 8:16 pm. But they were gracious enough to turn them back on for me. Went back the next morning with a $5.00 tip. Although we have a membership we wont go unless we have a tip for the jar. Thank you Club Car Wash.
Amber D
14:30 19 Aug 21
i went here today after getting a new car (well new to me) and i have to say this car wash is top tier. i had some window paint that had been on the car when i got it and it’s been pretty annoying to look out of on the drivers side window. the two young men in the wash bay worked so hard to get all of it off and they did an amazing job in my opinion. they even allowed me to go back through and upgraded my wash for free. i truly do appreciate their hard work at getting it off for me. i will definitely be returning and looking into getting a membership 😌
Onjolee P.
00:06 06 Aug 21
Great people work here
King S.
21:20 13 Jul 21
Great Experience With Great Customer service waiting to serve you!
Brenton S.
21:55 04 Jul 21
Exceptional! They are far better than their competitors "up the street" in all respects: friendly, superior staff/customer service, better quality wash, and far more powerful free vacuums.I went on $10 Tue, so I was able to get their MVP subscription for unlimited MVP washes for $10/month for 3 months (vs. $40/month) - a $90 savings over the 3 month promotion period
Mike B.
16:02 21 May 21
Quick and easy! And not too expensive
Brandon P.
21:37 02 May 21
They give military half off the premium wash. Very friendly, and I won't go anywhere else. The friendly staff is patient with people who don't know how, and will guide you through the washes if you have questions. Very hospitable staffing!
leanna N.
19:07 29 Apr 21
Brand new! Friendly staff! Clean faculties! Free vacuums that actually work (at least for now). Alittle more then zips which has a similar track system... Just older.. Try it out... You may like it better!
Scott M.
18:23 18 Apr 21
The best car wash I have ever used! The line goes so quickly, and the wash attendants get all the mud out of my wheel wells!
Taylor N.
16:13 16 Apr 21
I've been coming here since they opened and have been satisfied every time. Vacuums all work really good, they use non-aggressive cleaning products. Never had any scratches or damages, unlike other local locations
Dakota G.
15:14 10 Apr 21
I have used there service for over a month now and have had an over all good experience. I really like the fact they have complementary towels for your use. The only draw back is the one location.
Pat M.
22:33 09 Apr 21
Way better than Zips for sure, we had a monthly with zips but then anytime we would go through any of them something was always broke so they would just tell us since we paid monthly just to keep coming back and eventually it would be fixed🙄. Decided as soon as the club carwash here in Derby was finished we would give it a go, to our surprise they are a lot like when Quicktrip owned their own carwash. Lots of friendly faces, quick and to the point all of the carwashes are equal and work great definitely clean the car way better for the money and the vacuums are fantastic at all of them. Oh plus at the start of the payment area they ask you or you can ask them either way if you want a microfiber towel to wipe down the inside of your car and windows and stuff while going through the wash then when finished you put it in the bucket where you're vacuuming your car out or whatever after the wash. Very awesome. Enjoy the ride😁.
Jessicca T.
20:35 01 Apr 21
Car looks amazing, super clean and smells awesome.. the help at the front was super knowledgeable and nice! Will be signing up for the membership!!
Tony C.
00:59 31 Mar 21
Employees were great and was one of the better car washes I've been to!
Krystal B.
17:55 12 Mar 21
I really appreciate that you have both towels and vacuums to use at no cost I don't know what the club is yet I'll add some more later but I was really impressed with the way the car came out it was nice to see I don't have that very often I have a little ledge on my car and it was actually clean underneath and that doesn't happen so it was good
S. Gibbons (.
20:36 11 Mar 21
I am very impressed with them. Done a great job. I do Recommend.
Eddie A.
18:36 05 Mar 21
I've gotten a few washes from club carwash and finally broke down and got a membership. Brooke has really wonderful customer service and made it hard to say no! She is very knowledgeable about the services provided and extremely friendly and professional.
Bailey L.
18:47 03 Mar 21
Great carwash. My truck was a mess and most washes I have to go through twice and complain but this one did a great job the first time without any missed sections or anything. If I was local I would get a membership.
Trent M.
02:46 19 Feb 21
Customer service is great and they were very knowledgeable. The car wash was excellent and my vehicle looked great! They free vacuums were awesome!
Emeri B.
17:31 20 Jan 21
Best car wash in town! Friendly staff, excellent wash, and FREE vacuums!
Brittny G.
17:31 20 Jan 21

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