Lansing, KS – W Eisenhower Road


380 W Eisenhower Road
Lansing, KS 66043

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Kobie was very helpful and the nicest guy ever
Bryan J.
19:23 16 Oct 22
Love this place my monthly military discount is awesome the monthly fee is wee worth it thank you club car wash staff is phenomenal
Eleanor H.
12:54 12 Oct 22
Great place to go and get a quick wash. We have the monthly member and it pays for itself. Great value.
Bryce F.
00:35 21 Sep 22
My car and I both love it! The young people working there always do a great job. Best car wash around.
Angela H.
12:41 12 Sep 22
Automatic car wash is the best
Wolf S.
19:36 11 Sep 22
Love how fast they can get your vehicle in and out and oh so clean. Don't forget to take a tamp towel that's offered for cleaning the inside while going through the car wash, there is a barrel to toss it in when you come out.
Gary L.
15:04 11 Sep 22
They provide bug and heavy dirt prewash, clean damp towels, window cleaning spray, and HIGH power vacuum. Nice efficient place to clean your car.
Michael F.
23:03 10 Sep 22
Club Car Wash is the best, and Veteran oriented as well. I joined the monthly club and for the price of a single wash, I get unlimited washes for the month. I like that you can easily suspend your service during winter months. The wash and wax is great, leaves a great long lasting shine, and the free vacuum service is nice. They will even wash your floor mats with their high pressure washer, saving you the scrub time. Unbeatable deal, and, I will add, there are several club facilities around so it's easy to get a wash while traveling as well.
Mel C.
22:26 10 Sep 22
Good car wash - guys up front do excellent pre-wash - always try to leave a Tip…..
Skipper E.
22:05 10 Sep 22
Really nice attendants, they get up under the ridge on the back window also!! Will keep my membership!
Dolores R.
20:03 10 Sep 22
This place is awesome their equipment is state of the art and my car is always shining
19:49 10 Sep 22
Courteous and friendly service!
Tricia S.
18:19 10 Sep 22
The staff are always courteous. Service is fast and I always have had a good experience.
evelyn K.
17:33 10 Sep 22
Very polite and does an excellent job.
robert C.
17:32 10 Sep 22
The young people there are awesome. They even tried to help me get the sap off my windshield. Always rags and windex. Wish there was a mat machine like bk home that you could run you floor mats through but they do have a clamp that holds them. All in all I can’t complain. Sometimes I might have to go through twice the lower parts are not always as clean as I like. Ps Tip them off poss.
A’nice L.
17:31 10 Sep 22
This place has the best employees. I live in the country and I always have bugs on my car. I NEVER leave there with one bug. The team works diligently before I enter the wash to assure my car is perfectly clean everytime!
Sherrie B.
17:27 10 Sep 22
Best Car Wash ever! Excellent wash, dry towels & windex furnished by the free vacuum's. I am a member and encourage you to be one too! Great deals!
Brenda G.
17:23 10 Sep 22
Best carwash for your moneyAlways greeted with a smile and great energy. And the vacuums!!!! ❤❤❤Thanks for coming to our town.
Angie L.
17:22 10 Sep 22
Great value.
Roy W.
17:20 10 Sep 22
This car wash is by far one of the best I have used. I love the fact that they offer a military discount and by being on the monthly pay plan it is so worth it. I love that I can come in as often as I want whenever I want and they always have a smile on their face.
Melanie S C.
17:20 10 Sep 22
Great carwash .Leavenworth needed this
Glen C.
17:19 10 Sep 22
Love this place!!! Convenient location, friendly service and a fantastic result!!! The monthly membership is the only way to go!!!
Brett G.
17:19 10 Sep 22
Best drive-thru car wash I’ve ever experienced. Get the most clean of any others. I’m in the monthly membership and very happy. Sometimes they’re out of towels for me to use on my own after, but no other place even offers already-wet towels like this so they’re already ahead of the game. I 100% recommend this place. Plus the kids that work there are usually rocking to awesome music! Love that too.
Ursula C.
17:19 10 Sep 22
Great car wash with loads of hard working people. Great deal for military personnel as well. Thank you! 🤗
Kristen G.
17:17 10 Sep 22
Sing up and you can wash your car anytime.. it's very helpful.
Heidi L
17:16 10 Sep 22
Great place! So convenient and easy to use their service.
Alex M.
17:16 10 Sep 22
The monthly membership pays for itself in a few washes. Great for after highway drives to get all the bugs off. Fast, easy, available, quality. Gets my black truck looking polished and mirror shined in less than 5min.
Robert G.
17:15 10 Sep 22
Ten dollar Tuesday is great. It's too bad that you can't use cash for the monthly pass. I'll go on Tuesdays, thats about it.
Jason B.
03:03 06 Sep 22
Excellent car wash and employees! They offer military discount also. I'll be sending more people there because they're the best in town!!
U.S. Army R.
00:31 23 Aug 22
Friendly personnel and great car wash. They will even clean your floor mats! Highly recommended.
Robert H.
13:52 16 Aug 22
My car gets so clean and I live on a gravel road
Tawnya P.
00:38 15 Aug 22
Great place to get your car washed. Your car comes through super clean, especially the tires. They have the best vacuums (free) of any car wash I've been to. It gets dog hair out very effectively! If you're local join the membership, especially if you're eligible for a military discount. The cost per month is what one wash would normally cost with that discount. They'll even wash your floor mats at the front of the tunnel while you vacuum!
Devin L.
23:14 11 Aug 22
First time there.staffwas very helpful
Ray “Gunner” J.
03:34 09 Aug 22
It's the BEST!!
Ruth S.
22:45 01 Aug 22
Always great!
Sandra C.
21:39 31 Jul 22
Nice car wash just hate they tell you to come on and don't space you from the next car and sometimes they guide you and sometimes you just hit the tails that guide you I hate that!
09:14 30 Jul 22
I have had great experiences here so far. There have always been clean towels and window cleaner available by the vacuums. Wash is good and I'm very tempted to continue my monthly membership here just to be able to wash as much as I want.
Todd N.
02:20 17 Jul 22
Hands down best car wash in town. Love that they provide towels for drying at the end. Monthly membership is an amazing value!
Lauren R.
20:10 20 Jun 22
Best membership car wash I’ve belonged to by far. Car comes out clean, you get complementary shammies, and vacuum. Worth it 100%. My wife made fun of me when I went on and on how much I like this car wash.
Ryan R.
02:12 20 Jun 22
Great job as always
Erich M.
22:54 07 Jun 22
Signed up for their monthly plan for two of our vehicles a few months ago. No issues. Does a good job keeping car and truck clean. Minimal waiting for the early birds @ 7am.
Mike D.
18:45 02 Jun 22
Clean, quick and efficientVacuums are excellent
Steve H
16:41 31 May 22
Fabulous service
Myranda H.
16:27 31 May 22
A bit pricey, but this is a good car wash. The staff is friendly and the amenities are worth the extra $
Amanda D.
20:06 23 May 22
The service here is is always great 👍
Denese P.
17:44 23 May 22
Fun and fast. Love the free vacuums
Roxanne C.
16:19 18 May 22
Keeps my sun shining and looking new.
kattie J.
10:55 13 Apr 22
The car wash itself is nice. But sometimes the help is rude!!
Yvonne F.
00:43 10 Apr 22
Amazing! So you may be thinking…. It’s a car was. Big deal. WRONG! This is a great car wash! The lady at the front was very helpful and got me the exact wash i wanted/needed! And she gave me a towel for wiping down my dash which was awesome! It needed to be wiped down but whenever I’m home I never think, hey I should go get a towel and wipe down my dash. I never think about it till I’m driving. Anyways take a turn around the corner and there were two guys there with power washers and big smiles who looked genuinely happy to be at work. And they were excited and I was excited and the whole thing was just a lovely experience! Don’t miss that lil’ tip bucket they got up front! It’s money well spent!And the car looked great when I left!I’m from north KC and was traveling that day so my only regret is I can’t come more often. But next time I’m in town I will for sure be going back.I also had talked to a friend later that day and told them how great the experience was. Again not just a car wash! They got something figured out here and I was happy to be apart of it for a few minutes!I bring that up because it stuck with me that long. And that says something I think!Y’all keep doin what you’re doin!
J C.
21:26 04 Apr 22
I'm here frequently. Great wash, free vacuum. Keep it up!!
T-Willy P.
15:51 26 Mar 22
Always courteous staff willing to help in any way possible
Jimmy S.
14:43 25 Mar 22
Busy place. Good job on the washes.Different packages. Free towels, vacuums. Please tip the workers.
P.J. T.
16:35 22 Mar 22
Washing is great
Beverly M.
15:22 20 Mar 22
Fast. Everyone is sooo nice and the wash is top notch.
Barbara H.
15:18 20 Mar 22
Great price!!! Good job!
Mark H.
16:51 08 Mar 22
Every time I visit I am NEVER disappointed!!! Highly recommended.
Melvina J.
00:07 11 Feb 22
Very, very nice wash. Unlimited vacuum, free towels, car is clean and shiny. Great intro rates for packages!
Katherine C.
21:16 07 Feb 22
Great carwash!
Kevin E.
01:40 24 Jan 22
Not exactly an old-school car wash, but close! Always tip those young folks pre-treating your car! Their membership deals are outstanding! Far better than any other car wash in the area.
Curt P.
21:10 22 Jan 22
High quality "tunnel" car and truck wash, with full time manager on duty fast service done right!!
Glen C.
12:54 18 Jan 22
Nice vacuums.
Jonathan S.
05:48 13 Jan 22
The young people working there are magnificent. I hate going in on the really cold days. I know it's hard for them to be warm doing a great job that they do
Sue S.
23:47 06 Jan 22
Great place to get your car washed. They give veterans a discount on monthly subscription.
Robert K.
02:35 28 Dec 21
Excellent Service & Great Deals!
Ken A.
23:18 04 Dec 21
Great place. Love the car wash itself. The lights and bright colors and the fregrance. The vacuums are amazing. I love using them as they have such power they actually get everything out of my carpets. Great place to clean your car.
Hannah M.
20:33 27 Nov 21
Happy with their service
Apollo P.
13:03 22 Nov 21
I have a membership at this car wash. The staff seem happy and do a great job. If there’s a line you normally get in pretty quick. So glad Lansing has this service.
Hannah B.
14:05 05 Nov 21
Cleans my car really good and the smell of the car wash is excellent! I felt that the cost was worth it to join and as the weather conditions start getting bad, this will allow be to easily be able to keep the dirt and later the salt off my car!
Bill M.
05:32 28 Oct 21
Best car wash in Leavenworth
Jeff H.
03:32 25 Oct 21
The wax last real long on your 🚗
Zechariyah YAHAWAH R.
04:38 26 Sep 21
Only place I go.
Dave A.
12:48 24 Sep 21
That vacuum is so powerful and awesome will definitely be here again
Benjamin T.
14:19 22 Sep 21
Love this car wash
Janet T.
23:16 21 Sep 21
Always great to go here. Hopefully the winter months are just as good. Thanks
Earl C.
20:10 21 Sep 21
Great service good price
Robert H.
19:39 17 Sep 21
Washes cars
Timothy S.
02:18 12 Sep 21
Very good service very nice car wash will be coming back for more use
David H.
14:02 06 Sep 21
Awesome, love the result
charles H.
18:49 01 Sep 21
Worth the$
Lenny A.
20:41 24 Aug 21
They're great 👍
Sepa A.
15:57 23 Aug 21
They offer a military discount and are opening more locations in the KC area.
Sunny J.
23:32 18 Aug 21

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