Lawrence, KS – Bauer Farm Drive


4850 Bauer Farm Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Good job
David M.
17:31 17 Oct 22
Great new car wash with very friendly staff!
21:30 30 Sep 22
The boys working today took the time to clean off the bug guts on my truck. Thanks for doing that!!!
Jessica B.
21:40 29 Sep 22
Very good, , just a little expensive...
Ed S.
18:02 13 Sep 22
Outstanding service AND OUTSTANDING people... They deserve all praise for their attention and pleasant approach to customers.... Thank you!
John P.
22:09 10 Sep 22
Car wash is great 👍.
Jackie C.
13:42 10 Sep 22
Makes my life much easier. Love a clean car.
Pamela M.
13:31 10 Sep 22
I like this carwash they're always ready for you to pull in the guys are quick to get you through the wash is pretty great my vehicle always comes out clean but I wish the tire shine wash a little heavier I recommend you try I go to the 6th Street one
Armando T.
01:05 10 Sep 22
Great car wash. Veteran discount is awesome!
don J.
23:44 09 Sep 22
Best car wash in town ! Love it!
John W.
21:16 09 Sep 22
Great external car wash! Very responsive!
Jerry M.
21:06 09 Sep 22
Love this car wash have used it since they came to Lawrence I use both locations.The best car wash I have ever used.
William D.
20:16 09 Sep 22
Being a member of Club Carwash has been great. Being retired, getting the Veterans discount is great. When you’re a member, you can wash your car as needed & keep it looking great.Best vacuums ever! The staff is awesome too!
Henry J.
19:21 09 Sep 22
Washing. They did a great job of cleaning my floor mats.
Colene M.
18:51 09 Sep 22
I go there every other day sometimes if the weather is bad or when I go on dirt road
Christina W.
17:45 09 Sep 22
Great for military discounts
Carl W.
16:58 09 Sep 22
Best Car Wash by far at an amazing monthly rate especially for veterans! Thank you.
Joseph E.
16:48 09 Sep 22
The club car wash on 6th street is the best one in Lawrence! They all really pay attention to detail!! Have never had a problem at this location!!!
Jenny M.
16:37 09 Sep 22
We have a membership with Club Car Wash and have been very happy with it. We’ve had a great experience and the employees are nice!
Bethany P.
16:31 09 Sep 22
Love Club Car Wash. My husband is a military veteran and we got the special for just $20 a month!!! Staff is quick, courteous and professional!
Julie G.
16:27 09 Sep 22
I love the car wash people that need razes
Shelly S.
16:26 09 Sep 22
I use this service on a weekly basis and am always extremely happy with the condition of cleanliness I get when using.
Wendi K.
16:22 09 Sep 22
Very friendly people. Car always looks good after going through the car wash. Would recommend to anybody.
David W.
16:16 09 Sep 22
They are always friendly and usually quite fast at getting you in. Always damp towels for your interior. Just a quality operation.
Chad G.
16:16 09 Sep 22
Very clean environment
Jerry B.
16:14 09 Sep 22
Excellent experience. Towels and cleaner at free vacuum. Staff are helpful and kind at Booth and They pre soak/spray before wash. Nice carwash. They'll even spray the mats. Nice place. Nice people. Nice service
Tiff D
01:00 21 Aug 22
Best club around I had to come here to get lemon airfresheners excellent service very professional!
mspacman s
23:28 05 Aug 22
Better than Tommy's
Brandon S.
15:18 12 Jul 22
I went with a very dirty truck and they didn’t even mind, they cleaned er up nice and pretty! No complaints here
Carson F.
03:44 07 Jul 22
Great place but never,ever get all of the bugs off.
Joe S.
14:07 04 Jul 22
Vacuumed my car for free.
Ubba K.
20:05 27 Jun 22
Great wash and friendly staff with ease of getting in and out in a very short period
Brian B.
01:03 22 Jun 22
It was good
Haris K.
23:18 30 May 22
Best wash at a automatic car wash. Plus the Tuesday $11 wash was a great deal. A long line, but moved quickly and got a great wash!
David S.
20:09 03 Mar 22
This car wash site was fantastic, the team did a great job on the outside of the car. I was impressed with the self serve vacuum, rags and spray bottles were included in cost. Next time I am in the area I will be going to this site.
Patrick O.
22:29 28 Feb 22
Always a good job...
Sharalyn C.
22:03 21 Feb 22
Love the towel service, love the staff, do not love having to clean my car
Syndense S.
18:23 24 Jan 22
Great car wash!
Adam W.
05:32 12 Jan 22
The vacuums are very new and suck stronger than it’s just very efficient. The staff is very friendly and informative about the membership option or simply telling you about a free car wash. The towel service is pretty rare and very appreciated
Zacarias M.
21:42 20 Dec 21
Best drive thru car wash in lawrence
Jamie L.
19:48 16 Dec 21
Great place to get your vehicle clean. I messed up and bought a 1 ton dually truck which wouldn’t fit through the auto wash. Staff quickly refunded my purchase from my previous truck. I take my car to the Lawrence locations at least once a week.
Doug W.
04:23 14 Dec 21
Nice place to get car wash and vacuumed. Just wish everyone would have respect for each other and keep their music down! The crew or management should be the ones asking the customers to turn down the music not other customers.
Robert M.
20:23 05 Dec 21
Love the service
Stephen L.
00:11 26 Oct 21
Very friendly, patient and accommodating employees. Car wash works really well. I had zillions of baked on bugs. Other car washes were not getting them off. Club Car Wash got them all cleaned off. My car looks brand new again.
Mary L.
11:44 18 Oct 21
Great service, reasonable price, very helpful statg
vimal P.
11:10 05 Oct 21
Best carwash in town
ashley A.
13:25 16 Sep 21
Amazing. Everyone was so nice. Wooooo better than Tommy’s express 💯
Riley L.
16:44 12 Sep 21
Very friendly staff! Car is so clean now.
Rainey G.
20:27 03 Aug 21
Actually gets my car clean and love the free vacuum
nicole H.
17:36 17 Jul 21
Coming from Hawaii, where they don't have many car washes, we were excited to see that they had car wash clubs. We joined and started using it, immediately. The car wash does a great job. The vacuum cleaner is awesome! Dont leave anything around you don't want sucked up, it totally does it's job! If you are military, they do 15 a month for unlimited car wash and can't beat that!
Cathy W.
11:49 15 Jul 21
Do a great job... Best deal in town!
James T.
03:52 11 Jul 21
Folks at Club Car Wash always great us with a smile. Facilities are kept immaculate and in top running condition. A quick & easy in and out every time!
Jeff J.
00:15 29 Jun 21
Very nice 5 🌟
Shelly D.
14:02 27 Jun 21
Best car wash and vacuums in town.
Jessica D.
15:48 24 May 21
Great carwash. Only two issues keeping it from being 5 stars... soap remains on the car leading into the drying stage which remains on the car upon exiting the carwash. The second issue is the consistency of the employees that powerwash the car upon entering the car wash. Sometimes they spend a good amount of time spraying the mud (I drive on gravel roads regularly for work) off of my car and sometimes they don't. It just depends on who you get or how many people you get.
Donkey K.
19:45 13 May 21
We love club car wash!!!
Michelle H.
03:16 10 May 21
Fantastic car to able to drive through and not worry about getting out. Friendly staff as well.
Tammy A.
01:10 02 May 21
Great service think bbn i will be doing the club next time unlimited car was for 24 a month not bad
tom K.
16:58 25 Apr 21
Service was expected and met beyond expectation
Jarrod C.
16:35 06 Apr 21
Fast and thorough car wash. I was impressed with how quickly and smoothly the line of vehicles moved. The wait was minimal and the wash was excellent.
Jeff F.
16:09 22 Mar 21
Excellent, my mini van was so clean afterwards, then free vacuum afterwards, awesome, I highly recommend
Terrie W.
23:35 04 Mar 21
Great wash, billing issues for month over month not so great.
Craig T.
16:55 25 Feb 21
Well the wash and service are good. I was disappointed that I was not eligible for the special offer and price since I was a past club member.
John V.
23:32 22 Feb 21
Vacuums included in the wash price are nice. Although the prices are more than fully automated car washes, there were two people in the wash bay and an attendant at the entrance which is more than the single person in the wash bay under the previous branding. Being open with positive temperatures is good for removing road salt. The memberships can be great if you wash your car regularly.
Nathan J.
22:07 20 Feb 21
I had had some issues in the past which now are water under the bridge. Their customer service team was very responsive and helpful and gave me a month for free for all of my trouble. The associate Madison who helped me at the location was very friendly and helpful, I did not get her name, but the rep on the phone was also very kind and understanding. Plus, my car looks great, and isn’t covered in snow anymore. I really feel for the poor guys who pre-spray in this weather. Great service. Thank you club car wash.
Isaac R.
23:34 08 Feb 21
I try to tip but the tip jar is too close to the sprayer! I'd say 2/5 times I am able to tip. I want too but don't want to get wet!Perhaps put the tip jar near the gate so the attendant can monitor it/keep it safe and we can tip yall hard workers more easily.Love the way my Jeep looks after a wash and vacuuming!
Adam T.
22:27 20 Jan 21
Outstanding as usual!!!!
Christopher W.
23:40 20 Dec 20
Great deals. Great wash
Ellie M.
15:16 13 Nov 20
Very friendly co-workers very nice love coming there
Angie O.
18:41 03 Nov 20
Always great friendly service
Bob R.
13:23 02 Nov 20
Free vacuumed nice carwash great place
John H.
17:21 20 Oct 20
The guys with sprayers always get my tailgate clean. Greatly appreciated.
Tom T.
20:23 10 Oct 20
Best car wash in town. The $14 VIP is comparable to others in town and the customer service is excellent.
Blair E. S.
19:56 10 Oct 20

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