Lawrence, KS – E 23rd Street


1040 E 23rd Street
Lawrence, KS 66046

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Great car wash
Sherrie S.
21:57 13 Oct 22
They do a great job
Tina N.
20:30 10 Oct 22
The only thing I noticed was the vacuum didn't work on one side! Maybe mark the ones that don't work so we won't pull into that slot!
john D.
17:48 10 Oct 22
This is by far the best car wash I've ever been to the guys there are great
t G.
01:10 02 Oct 22
This is the place to get a serious carwash! After an 1100 mile road trip my Honda was needing attention. The bugs were no match for the power of this wash!
Brad H.
13:19 12 Sep 22
I love club car wash. We’ve been needing a good car wash and Lawrence for a long time and now we have one. The employees are great the wash is great couldn’t be happier.
Jim M.
22:02 10 Sep 22
They do a pretty good job
Sheila C.
18:46 10 Sep 22
This place is an automatic car wash business. You drive through the tunnel and it washes with cloth ribbons hanging from the ceiling, spinning giant brushes for body, roof, and special tire/rim brushes and chemicals. It sprays water to wet the car, rinse the soap off, then spot free rinse before the big blow dry finale. There are free vacuums for the interior and free microfiber towels to wipe inside Dash, windows, and spots off car, free windex-type spray to clean inside windows but you gotta do it yourself. Staff is awesome! Wash part is super! They spent extra time hosing down my poor dirty old car. It had caked-on pollen from sitting in someone's yard for months b4 I rescued and repaired it. Looks showroom new now!!
Debi M
16:23 10 Sep 22
Car wash fast efficient and helpful employees
Eric P.
08:50 10 Sep 22
Great group of people I love tipping them I think they’d work every bit as hard tipping or not they do a good job
lynn P.
23:30 09 Sep 22
Great place to get my truck washed.
Mike U.
20:32 09 Sep 22
It’s great! One lie monthly fee, use as often as desired, free vacuums, rubber mat washing, drying towels, and always a bug removal pre-wash!
Wayne Z.
19:24 09 Sep 22
I wash my truck on a regular basis, my experience has always been a very positive one!
Ty B.
17:12 09 Sep 22
Great team and car always looks great
Jerry E.
16:43 09 Sep 22
I love taking my car, beautiful job.
Teresa A.
16:42 09 Sep 22
Excellent carwash...always staffed and efficient.
richard D.
16:22 09 Sep 22
Lavado de auto
Antonio R.
16:20 09 Sep 22
Even if there's a small line, it just takes a few minutes to get through... Definitely worth the monthly membership fee... It is nice to be able to pop through and get your car cleaned...
Marty H.
16:16 09 Sep 22
Love this place! Quick, courteous workers! My car is always very clean after going thru the wash and FREE vacuums
Monica W.
16:15 09 Sep 22
Car wash experience was okay since it’s automated carwash it won’t clean the car as good as hand car wash. You will have to give finishing touch. Good thing was free vacuum
Dhruv A
02:27 30 Aug 22
Definitely recommend getting a membership. It pays for itself. This car wash does an outstanding job of getting and keeping my full size truck clean. Staff is friendly and helpful.
Aaron C.
23:01 29 Aug 22
I enjoy the subscription since I'd easily spend way more on individual carwashes. Having tried all of the automatic carwashes Lawrence has to offer I can say this one is the best. After a few years of using this car wash I can say that their employees are always top notch and prompt. The two things I feel need work are how the tire shine is applied. It will get all over any ground effects and other low parts of cars. The tire shine works great on trucks. The supplied micro fiber towels are always damp. This time the towel smelled musty as it had been wet for too long. The towel also left a nasty film whatever I wiped off. This leads me to believe they're either putting too many at a time in the washer and dryer or the washer and dryer need serviced.
Ryan F.
15:39 21 Aug 22
I use to get tire shine in my package monthly cost and now I don't. I feel that if they are going to take somthing away from what you use to get that you should be notified at least of the change. Other than that best car wash in town.
brandon E.
21:14 01 Jul 22
I have a member ship here and when Cameron or Malique are there they always offer to power wash my floor mats without me asking and always do Great!!
Conner V
13:37 25 Jun 22
Go daily
Jane Ahearn W.
20:49 26 May 22
Enjoy going and have always had a great experience.
Patience C.
00:24 05 May 22
Estephanie E.
19:27 30 Mar 22
Nice and easy baby
Elizabeth D.
18:11 17 Mar 22
I always love coming here. Great service every time!
Chase A.
19:50 13 Mar 22
We found a place to wash out car.
Mary E.
19:00 28 Feb 22
Thorough but quick car wash.
Alexandria Brinker (.
20:30 07 Feb 22
Nice clean place to get the car washed well and use some great vacuums. Also free wipe down towels.
Stepp U.
19:35 24 Jan 22
My wife has a membership their. I can't use it cause I have a trailer hitch on my pickup. That's not allowed.
Ernest W.
22:12 02 Dec 21
Friendly staff. Like how they still spray the hard areas before entering the main wash .
nathan B.
16:55 02 Nov 21
The Elite package is great my daughter loves going thru the car wash and seeing all the colorful lights, and I also love how shiny the tires come out.
Carlos B.
16:20 07 Oct 21
Had a great wash with my 1st time visit to Club Car Wash on "$10 Tuesday" for a value of $25.Great service at the counter, awesome job from the pre-wash, complete wash and spotless dry through the tunnel, powerful vacuum and free microfiber towel for the finishing touch.Hope to visit again.
Nishantha W.
21:22 28 Sep 21
Nice car wash! The vacuum (free) is powerful and I like the towels they provide for a quick wipe down! Always clean and stocked!
carrie J.
18:21 14 Sep 21
Best around. Enough said 😀
Michael J. D.
04:49 07 Sep 21
I always get good service here. I appreciate the damp towels for wiping down the interior.
Tom T.
21:03 27 Aug 21
Best automatic car wash in Lawrence in my opinion
23:43 19 Aug 21
I love it!
Cohinta C.
16:38 26 Jul 21
Friendly staff, worth the price.
Dutch D.
23:25 16 Jul 21
Love this wash
Jon J.
04:39 13 Jul 21
The best.
James T.
03:53 11 Jul 21
Very good car wash. Quick, quality materials, and reasonably priced. The car wash guys at front are cute as well. Especially that guy Braden I think his name was. Wish they wore tank tops and speedos instead of a shirt and boots. 10/10 though.
Cesar R.
00:17 01 Jul 21
This is my favorite domestic chore helper spot to go...Tip your wash preppers !!
Anissa J.
00:47 29 Jun 21
Love this place!!
22:33 20 Jun 21
I frequent this car wash several times a week. Everyone is always friendly and smiling. Recently I had a vehicle that had been sitting for several months under a tree and was extremely filthy. The guys went above and beyond to make the vehicle look almost brand new!
Alisha R.
13:27 15 Jun 21
As far as car wash locations go, this is definitely one of them. In this town, they are just about as prolific as fried chicken joints, banks, and gas stations (unless you need one on your side of the street ;-) )I've got a club membership to this place, so it's as easy as hitting up the members only lane and going through a gate. No matter how busy this place is, they move the line on through and keep up a really solid pace. You can pick up a towel before entry, if you have a leaky vehicle, which is a nice touch that I hope I never need. They've also got vacuums, that I've not used either, but I'm sure they're just as good as everything else.I plan to use this place at least weekly, and definitely recommend it.
Shane R.
23:02 13 Jun 21
Best vacumes I have used at a car wash.
Christopher B.
01:37 27 May 21
Excellent customer service this place is great in all the senses
16:03 20 May 21
Really enjoyed the music. The preps did an amazing job. The manager is very friendly and had a great experience.🐟
trenton S.
15:44 10 May 21
Amazing car wash! Best in town! Love the environment, very professional, kind staff members. Always feel welcomed at this location! Love the music!
15:40 10 May 21
Good place for car wash
Jennifer W.
16:09 07 May 21
Always a good time
Demetrius K.
21:29 04 May 21
The wash quality is great, the facilities are clean, and the employees are enthusiastic and very welcoming. Recently, they have started playing music in the tunnel and it really gives the place a great vibe. I would know because I've had a membership for quite some time and go through at least twice per week. I'm sure the staff think I have a mental disorder when they see how much time I spend drying my Terrain. 😂
Grant H.
01:42 04 May 21
I love coming here all the time. It’s always a great experience, all the workers are always in a good mood with the boys jamming out to the music. It always leaves my truck lookin squeaky clean!
Nate D.
13:03 30 Apr 21
I enjoy the music, let da boys live
12:50 30 Apr 21
Wow I came here the other day and they seemed to add a speaker for the guys washing cars to listen to. I enjoyed the music they played. Couldn’t see them ever getting rid of it. Helps the guys get through the day and serve all the club car wash members. The music was real good too. Going to have to add some to my playlist.
Isaiah F.
04:18 30 Apr 21
Loved the music playing, staff was very friendly and helpful
Callie H.
00:53 30 Apr 21
Car was super clean after, Love the friendly staff and music playing made great atmosphere. Well taking care of, Love this place
Kylee B.
00:27 30 Apr 21
The best car wash in town. The team members are always happy and friendly. The manager is especially professional and helpful. I love the towel to wipe down my interior and any hard to reach areas after I go through the wash. I love the recent addition of music and the workers having fun while prepping the cars. I always make sure to leave a tip!
Juniper W.
23:04 29 Apr 21
The music playing is a great added experience.
Nick C.
22:53 29 Apr 21
Great vacuum and great prices on washes
Kyle J.
20:26 27 Apr 21
Great customer service @ both Lawrence locations! And the quality of my car's wash is always an A++!
Susan O.
02:19 21 Apr 21
Easy in, easy out. Pleasant staff. Good wash on vehicle. What more could you ask?
Pattie J.
18:51 15 Apr 21

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