Topeka, KS – NW 25th Street


831 NW 25th Street
Topeka, KS 66618

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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I really enjoy being a member at club carwash. They hire some really outstanding help, it's very much something I don't see myself going without in the future. Highly recommend !
Sally S.
01:17 14 Oct 22
Friendly people. Excellent wash on car.
Carol A.
16:41 10 Oct 22
Staff knows their stuff and are fast. The air freshners are an added bonus to this location. They do a good job at getting the car washed.
Chelsea C.
04:51 24 Sep 22
Car is always sparkling clean
Brian S.
11:24 18 Sep 22
The best car wash I have ever been to does a great job on my GMC pu at least 4 plus times a month well worth my money!THANK YOU CULB CARWASH !!!
Patrick S.
01:21 12 Sep 22
Great place to get a quick car wash. Clean and friendly with a great wash every time.
TDog K.
13:38 09 Sep 22
It’s a car wash. They do a great job! Quick easy. I have never had any real issues I would remove your antenna.
23:02 08 Sep 22
They only did exterior wash. I personally dried, and vacuumed.
Sherry S.
22:44 07 Sep 22
I love going in whenever my car needs a wash.
16:05 06 Sep 22
I really like you carwash but this is twice they have lost my pay info and i cant get my car washed. I already paid and i was turned off, not fair. Im tired of this happening. Im going to check my account to see how many times ive been charged and how many times i couldnt get throygh or harrassed because i had no account
Charline M.
00:30 06 Sep 22
Easy access and drive thru
Diana G.
23:47 05 Sep 22
Awesome 💛💛💛💛💛
Debbie M.
23:24 05 Sep 22
I really like theClub. Staff are very friendly and the wash is terrific.
22:01 05 Sep 22
I will recommend them to anyone. It does a nice job
Dale F.
19:40 05 Sep 22
The young employees are courteous. I like the damp towels provided for cleaning the dash etc. My vehicle comes out very clean. One of the best drive throughs I've ever utilized. I pay monthly as a member.
Linda N.
18:47 05 Sep 22
I love it. Does an excellent job of cleaning vehicle and has free towels and vacuuming
Fred D.
18:44 05 Sep 22
Car wash blow dry and micrtowel
James W.
18:05 05 Sep 22
Nice place to get a car wash, just wish they would take a little more time preparing the and the tire shine looks great but it gets all over your wheels
18:00 05 Sep 22
They wash, liquid wax, rinse. Vacuums provided with glass cleaner. Super clean complex with 20.00 unlimited military discount.
John G.
17:45 05 Sep 22
Courteous and friendly service.
Larry N.
17:34 05 Sep 22
Employees are a very friendly, and smiles on their faces!! Make you feel good when your there
T. B.
17:26 05 Sep 22
For a predominantly automated car wash, it does ok, just keep the bottom washers working, for the winter.
Rick M.
17:21 05 Sep 22
They do a great job on the exterior car wash and are careful to details! Thank you!!
Kim Y.
17:19 05 Sep 22
Excellent service
Don W.
17:17 05 Sep 22
Car washing. Pretty good service most of the time. For a while the guys that sprayed the cars weren’t too friendly or diligent. Seems the newer staff is more enthusiastic.
Karen T.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Great place! Thanks
Wendell M.
17:15 05 Sep 22
Good group of kids working their
Jerry K.
17:15 05 Sep 22
My car is always shinny
brian E.
18:44 23 Aug 22
Always get right through, truck always clean
John M.
22:18 11 Aug 22
Great service, nice towel and vacuuming equipment.
larry W.
20:16 10 Aug 22
Great car wash. The only place I take my Mustang.. Best one I have been to !
John H.
00:29 03 Aug 22
Rates are great, vehicles thoroughly cleaned and staff is always friendly
Andrew H.
23:50 31 Jul 22
Gives a great wash as often as you want when you sign up as member for a monthly fee.
Jerry B.
14:17 25 Jul 22
Friendly workers
Aianza W.
01:41 21 Jul 22
Great service, always a vacuum available. And window cleaner also.
Daniel H.
20:23 05 Jul 22
Very easy and convenient. Good wash and very good vacuums
Barbara S.
23:30 03 Jul 22
Definitely worth the money. We bought it when it was the holiday special and been paying for it since. Absolutely love it.
Chad B.
18:31 28 Jun 22
I enjoy using Club Car Wash, it's fast, easy and always convenient. I have hardly ever experienced long lines when using it. Vacuums always work great.
02:11 28 Jun 22
Good value to keep my new EV looking sharp!
Troy D.
20:36 19 May 22
Love this place...Membership price is good as long as you use it. $40 a month, go 4 times in a month, you per each wash is only $10. If you wash more, obviously your per wash $$ go down. I love you can run your vehicle through more than once a day.
Steven O.
13:01 02 May 22
Got a car club rookie card and then my car broke down but good wash anyway for your vehicle 🚑
I have only used it three times so far so good will update in the future
Adam M.
12:59 01 Mar 22
Muy amables
Silvia R.
01:32 12 Feb 22
Awso.e car wash!
Ray Miller (Chef R.
02:50 05 Feb 22
I enjoy riding in a shiny clean car 🚗.
Antoinette D.
01:02 05 Feb 22
Always pleasant staff
Lisa S.
18:15 05 Jan 22
Cleans the car really good.
David G.
03:42 04 Jan 22
Friendly staff, good service, great cleaning job
Steve W.
22:54 23 Nov 21
My wife and I felt this Club Car Wash applied less product than our usual washes in Derby. Still the best car wash I have used with great vacuums for the inside.
Billy B.
11:57 20 Oct 21
Great place for a do it yourself car wash.
Robert S.
18:22 08 Oct 21
Got everything you need
Sandra Robinson (.
16:52 10 Sep 21
Wonderful staff and service.
Donna K.
20:45 07 Sep 21
Quick easy and clean
Randy F
15:33 26 Aug 21
Nice wash for the price
Jennie B.
00:14 24 Aug 21
Great wash job ,n Better vacums
Gregory E.
22:58 31 Jul 21
Very nice that they provide towels, vacuums that are strong after a great wash!!
Leslie T.
14:24 18 Jul 21
Very helpful staff! They went above and beyond! First time there, but it won't be the last!
mark S.
00:44 13 Jul 21
In and out quickly
Marvin M.
14:00 11 Jun 21
Nice work on getting my truck clean.
Amy W.
01:27 24 May 21
Absolutely impressed with this car wash!
Taylor N.
16:22 16 Apr 21
Best deal in town if you do the membership. The clean stalls to vacuum are my favorite part.
Brooke W.
02:24 10 Mar 21
Friendly and helpful staff. Washes are a bit expensive if you don't have a membership.
Troy C.
20:42 09 Mar 21
Oh, baby ... our vehicle is cleeaan!!Just signed-up for MVP ..Great staff, great service, VERY CLEAN vehicle!
Carol N.
22:52 04 Mar 21
Great 3 month offer: $10 for best membership a month. Fast, easy, and clean!
mike B.
04:10 04 Mar 21
Slight technical difficulties but great wash super power vacuums!
Brittany B.
00:16 03 Mar 21
First time visit. Went well. Good wash. Obviously more expensive with amenities. Satisfied.
Rex M.
01:36 19 Feb 21
A little spendy but it did a nice job washing the car.
David K.
23:49 11 Feb 21

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