Wichita, KS – N Maize Road


3610 N Maize Road
Wichita, KS 67205

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Attendants stopped the line and took extra time to clean tree sap off the windshield
Bob M.
18:36 22 Oct 22
Great clean place and there are free vacuums!
23:11 06 Oct 22
Had some problems with my membership when they raised their prices.
Marlena M.
20:50 06 Oct 22
Hard to beat this car wash. What ever they use takes bug off incredibly well and consistently
darrel S.
00:58 04 Oct 22
Awesome power vacuums and awesome pers
Carmen W.
17:59 27 Sep 22
I have unlimited monthly use. They do a good job. They have free Micro towels for you to use and vacuum. They do get you a bit to close for my comfort to other vehicles in the wash area though.
Donna M.
17:06 25 Sep 22
Always been great. switched my membership to her after another company has sub par employees.
Max G.
18:20 20 Sep 22
Well worth the money to keep my truck looking clean, shiny, and like new!
Terry M.
14:40 12 Sep 22
Very well organized, fast, good quality wash, love the added cloth
Stasha R.
01:57 12 Sep 22
Great location for West siders. Friendly passionate staff that smile but really get into a zone when spraying hood crud off my car.
Leap F.
23:15 11 Sep 22
Employees always do a great job spraying down the vehicle to remove bugs from the grill and front of the vehicle before entering the carwash. My truck always looks great after a wash.
C H.
23:04 11 Sep 22
Very satisfied with the wash and blow dry
Larry H.
17:04 11 Sep 22
Kids who work here are always professional! Car gets cleaned well and the vacuums are great. Lots of other services offered I just didn’t need them.
Doc D.
16:32 11 Sep 22
Like the convenience and it does a good job
Scott G.
15:44 11 Sep 22
Friendly staff!! Carwash is well taken care of and workers go the extra mile to help you.!!!!!
Gwyleyma G.
15:36 11 Sep 22
They are always friendly and the wash does a great job
Jeff W.
15:17 11 Sep 22
Always a good experience!
Dirk R.
15:13 11 Sep 22
This is my favorite place to was my car because they always get my car really clean! Plus I love the complimentary vacuums that they have. ;)
Jaleena S.
21:38 02 Sep 22
Have a membership a Club Car Wash. Travel partial sand road everyday so pull through almost on a daily basis. They do a great job!
Ingrid M.
21:04 25 Aug 22
Best carwash i have ever been through.
G L.
17:26 06 Aug 22
Wash is fantastic, there's towels to wipe your cars interior while you go through and the best vacuums in town. The people are friendly and helpful.
Dawn H.
13:30 29 Jul 22
Club Car Wash is a great place to get your car spotless! They do a great job at getting the outside clean, and their vacuums and their complementary windex and rags they let you borrow help to make your car well cleaned on the inside! Love getting to go here, and enjoy how colorful and fun their car wash is! They even have a scented soap they use with the VIP wash and up, that smells like bubble gum!
danielle S.
15:51 08 Jul 22
This is by far the best car wash in wichita! Definitely would recommend coming here 👌
cloie B.
19:42 15 Jun 22
Best part to start my day. Clean teeth and clean wheels!!!
Stacey L.
07:39 28 May 22
Dog loves it. It excites him fun car = Clean car go get it washed here for only ~10$ per month for unlimited wash. Military welcome.
Stacey L.
11:34 15 May 22
Best car wash
Britt F.
18:26 14 May 22
Good car wash
Elizabeth H.
18:50 24 Apr 22
I just love how clean my car comes out I love the towels I love that Strength of the vacuum cleaners, I've gone to other car washes and the vacuum cleaners couldn't suck up a piece of sand that's how bad the suction was! I love the above and beyond customer service Highly recommend Club Car wash!
Evelyn H.
20:02 15 Apr 22
Great morning to clean my pickup. Your vacuum is great, lots of power
Darrell S.
16:11 15 Apr 22
The basic wash did great for me! Plenty of vacuums available. I will return.
00:49 30 Mar 22
Great car wash.
Jerry C.
23:10 02 Mar 22
Unlimited car wash must get the mvp totally makes a difference
Henry S.
21:07 02 Mar 22
The pricing is great as an intro. They give you free damp clothes to wipe down the interior and windows. Once you exit the wash there is also free vacuum stations. Also cleans the car surprisingly well!
Vipurled (.
04:39 02 Mar 22
Good customer support
John F.
22:20 27 Feb 22
Awesome Customer Service!
Sherry D.
19:28 25 Feb 22
I like I can use my membership at all locations. Much better deal with membership.
Cheree G.
17:25 24 Feb 22
Love the way my car looks... The vacuums are amazing.
Sandy B.
01:01 23 Feb 22
Got car washed, clean and dry. As good or better than most automatic car washers. Great price for military appreciation. Thank you.
Gary L.
16:26 15 Feb 22
Great carwash and friendly staff
Steven M.
01:51 04 Feb 22
Great location and great deal on the first 3 months for $10/month. Great wash and the complimentary towels to wipe down any wet spots after the wash is also a nice feature.
Rob D.
23:22 08 Jan 22
Jack S.
20:48 16 Dec 21
Love it. Like taking your car to the gym for a quick workout and shower!
Brenna D.
15:54 26 Nov 21
Fantastic work! My car was in very rough shape coming in, and I did not expect them to be able to get everything. But, they were very thorough and it came out spotless.
Jeremy J.
21:15 23 Nov 21
I have absolutely nothing negative to say about my experience tonight at Club Car Wash. Plus, who doesn't like an awesome LED light show while their car is being cleaned (see my pics and vids). EVERY staff member was friendly, professional, and all the equipment is brand new. The vacuums have perfect suction, and microfiber towels are provided for customers complimentary. You can sign up for unlimited washes for as little as $10 based on the signage, although I was surprised no staff member took the time to explain the membership options to me. Check out the awesome pics/videos I took while going through the car wash and give them a thumbs up as I love doing Google reviews.
04:35 23 Nov 21
Great clean new car wash! Get the monthly package and come often! Otherwise your car will look dirty in a day or two as their wash products attract dirt quickly.I have been to all the washes around Wichita and I like Club car wash because they are everywhere.If your looking for a periodic wash that will keep your car clean longer check Tommy Wash or Charlies.
Stan H.
01:32 20 Nov 21

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