Wichita, KS – N Woodlawn Boulevard


2037 N Woodlawn Blvd
Wichita, KS 67220

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
Everything you could want in a car wash facility.
Desiree D.
10:53 05 Oct 22
New car wash location in Wichita Kansas. Visit on Tuesdays, Great specials they are running then!!
steven W.
08:31 04 Oct 22
Love this place
Blazeyaface Durante P.
15:18 02 Oct 22
Fast, 10 dollar Tuesday and my truck is clean🤗💯🤗💯
Colette R.
01:51 28 Sep 22
Great people
stacey L.
01:53 26 Sep 22
They missed a small area with the spray but you know... nobody is perfect. I'm definitely going back friendly employees clean place
Jackie R.
00:05 14 Sep 22
Good wash. Tuesday is $10 day
Sheryl W.
00:37 09 Sep 22
Nice car wash!
John M.
22:03 02 Sep 22
Loved it! Much better ony rims than other drive thru washes!
Nancy S.
00:33 28 Aug 22
Had another great wash today. Can't beat that unlimited wash!!
leonard M.
15:45 12 Aug 22
I do like how it makes my car looks new. It's a 2008. Looks good.
Yolanda J.
01:37 08 Aug 22
I love it 💓
Kaylee O.
21:03 07 Aug 22
We are members here for a reason! Better prices and better washing outcome that similar concept car washes in the area.
12:01 05 Aug 22
Love this car wash!
21:16 01 Aug 22
Good car wash an vacuums are free. As well as good plans to choose from.
Robin Z.
15:31 15 Jul 22
I love club car Wash fast don't have to get out of my car and the free vacuums are wonderful
Tonya M.
14:45 12 Jul 22
Auto wash is awesome!
Edgar R.
12:04 06 Jul 22
Always love the service here!
Dave C.
04:41 25 Jun 22
One of the better Club car wash places I have been too
James Overstreet S.
23:25 10 Jun 22
I would give 5 stars because most of the time I am pleased with the service and the wash. Last time the kid at the window kept drilling me with questions trying to get me to buy a membership. I finally had to tell him firmly I wasn't interested before he gave me my receipt and let me through.
Darren C.
22:29 07 Jun 22
If you own a car or truck then you need a monthly membership at Club Car Wash where you get unlimited automated Car Washes and unlimited vacuuming you do yourself, everyone Loves to look Good in their Vehicle So do yourself and your Vehicle a Favor and Join the Club Car Wash and Look Good driving down the road 😉
00:15 04 Jun 22
It Just doesn't Get Any Better than Club Car Wash, Nobody has a Better Deal on Keeping Your Car Looking Like NEW, Do Yourself and Your Car a Favor and Join the Smart People Who Truly Love Their Car 🚗
23:07 02 Jun 22
Excellent carwash!My car looked like it cameout of the showroom!
felix D.
18:07 22 May 22
I love the smell when I'm getting my car washed.
ItsMad M.
18:53 21 May 22
Very clean car , does a fabulous job. Sure saves alot of time compares to hand wash. Will always go back.
Doris H.
01:34 15 May 22
Great place the people were really helpful and getting a 5 dollar mvp car wash and help the tornado victims of andover
Myles D.
23:44 07 May 22
Very good car wash
Patricia J.
12:37 27 Apr 22
Very friendly great service
Andrea R.
01:54 21 Apr 22
Always make sure I leave a tip!!
Ms T.
15:35 14 Apr 22
Finally found a great car wash! Quality wash, at an affordable price! Love it.I have 2 "high end" car washes closer to my residence, but after paying $32 at Charlie's twice for a wash that didn't even clean my car. I had to try Club and I'm happy I did.My car came out spotless, they have employees who actually rinse the entire car. The vacuums have crazy good power, and they offer damp towels, and that's a plus!The only concern I would say is the wash that I purchased came with "wheel bright", im not sure if that's a wheel wax/shine but that was not applied because my wheels were dry. Not a big deal but just letting you know.
Juan A.
21:44 11 Apr 22
Very convenient, price is right and they do a great job
Paul W.
17:23 19 Mar 22
Cars look great after snow storm and all the salt was washed away!
Mark J.
04:58 07 Mar 22
Great car wash
Echo H.
03:43 07 Mar 22
Wonderful customer care as well as a wonderful service
saintful S.
22:28 03 Mar 22
Had car washed last week. Came in with a question on how to sign up…Dillon did a GREAT job….Tracked me down when he saw I had a question and took care of me.
Bill F.
21:45 28 Feb 22
Pretty impressive car wash. I got a good dry from the wash. And I only paid for the second to cheapest car wash.
Miranda N
03:47 11 Feb 22
Outstanding customer service the female employee really great service on signing me up for the club and you also get a free air freshener wow so amazing they really spray your car really well compared to that Zips Car Wash
Allen K.
20:05 07 Feb 22
Very nice wash, car always comes out great! The vacuums are amazing! Very pleased with the services.
Lilian L
22:59 05 Feb 22
Love the VIP wash with the fragrance soap and the colors as you go through the wash.
Aaron H.
01:52 03 Feb 22
I just registered my other vehicle for the service, today. Friendly and helpful staff. The best carwash service I have been to in 52 year's! Unbeatable vaccumes also. Keep up the good work! I have reconnected club carwash to several of my friends also.
Chris G.
22:43 29 Jan 22
Excellent service
Charmaine C.
17:40 23 Jan 22
Express dan free vaccum,so I like it...
Anita T.
04:45 18 Jan 22
We have been to a lot of car washes in wichita and this one is by far the best! Our car has never been cleaner and the vacuums work amazing! This will be our new go to!
Sherranda G.
23:14 31 Dec 21

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