Wichita, KS – S Rock Road


141 S Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
caddy corner ground view of car wash with free vacuums and parking lot to the right and car wash entrance to the left
Excellent car wash. Hosed down before entering. Driers are the best I've ever seen.
Judy C.
17:19 21 Oct 22
This is really good value. Highly recommend them.
Ted M.
15:07 17 Oct 22
Tbh I wish I took pics. For the price and quality of wash….amazed to say the least. Very clean property wash was great after disrobing 1,500 miles. The stalls to dry and vacuum your car were more than spacious even for my truck. Vacuums we’re powerful and compact enough to get hard to reach places. Definitely coming again.
Elias Munoz (.
04:38 06 Oct 22
This is a second review. We first used this place in Iowa City. Happy to find it in Wichita.
Kevin A.
01:12 04 Oct 22
Got car washed and even got to wash the windows. Inside and out, not fun but needs it every so often. Always Declan your headlights, you don't want a waxy build up, that will turn yellow in time. Use the window cleaner and an old black rag.
Gary L.
20:05 25 Sep 22
I definitely enjoy washing my vehicle here, I signed up for the vip monthly. Thank you very much.
David O.
02:01 20 Sep 22
I use the Club Car wash at 141 South Rock Rd. facility is easy to use. I have a VIP access are use the facility weekly. Plenty of vacuuming access after my wash.
Harlow S.
00:17 15 Sep 22
My brand new Avalon comes out sparkling clean. Great car wash
Andrew K.
13:31 14 Sep 22
I've been to other carwashes before but, it wasn't until I tried Club Car Wash that I felt like I found a home. Thank you for the quality of service and the professionalism I experience at every visit.
Tim B.
11:56 12 Sep 22
I had a small piece pop off of my bumper while going through the wash. The employees were kind enough to go into the wash and look for it. They found it and saved me from having to replace it.I love being able to get a towel to wipe my car down and the vacuums always work and are very powerful.This is the best car wash in town!Club Car Wash is the best
Karen P.
13:37 11 Sep 22
Those employees are dedicated to making sure our vehicles are clean and protected, they are very helpful and professional, we are very happy with the quality.
Carl L.
00:17 11 Sep 22
Always very nice employees, great prep spray before going in for wash. I enjoy going in to have my car cleaned
Lena W.
22:50 10 Sep 22
It's a cheap membership. You can go through the car wash every day if you want and your vehicle actually gets clean. They also provide microfiber towels and vacuums that never shut off. It's awesome! I've been using them for 2 years now.
Rodney K.
18:45 10 Sep 22
Car Wash does a great job, vacuuming is very nice! People are well informed and very polite and courteous! 👍👍
17:56 10 Sep 22
It's a great car wash 👌🏾
Mary P.
17:55 10 Sep 22
Great ppl Great place
Howie R.
17:46 10 Sep 22
I am giving them a 5 star for the wash and how clean my car is when I leave, BUT I will give a 1 ⭐️ For the Tuesday special.I signed up for the $10 special for 3 months and I was only given that for the first month and after that I was charged $40 a month. Not to mention I have 2 cars I have signed up.Made the call to customer service and the lady I spoke with said I would get the next 3 months for the $10 and NOPE, the next month was charged the $40 again. Pay attention to your bank account guys. It’s a catchy gimmick to wheel you in and they don’t honor their own deals.
Shelly W.
17:26 10 Sep 22
I really liked my original package where they had the wheel and tire cleaner. My truck looked fabulous from wheels to top. They removed that from my package though and it kinda upset me. I really like this company, but I might start like looking at others that include the tire and wheel cleaner.
Kevin B.
17:24 10 Sep 22
I would go thru everyday if I could.
Desiree D.
02:14 06 Sep 22
Great car wash. Those folks are wonderful and very professional.
Azar M.
16:24 25 Aug 22
It's okay. A little more money to have your car wash there then at some of the other ones but they do a pretty good job
Gary C.
22:04 24 Aug 22
At another drive thru car wash their tracks wrecked my rims. Not a problem here and cost is reasonable. Helpful staff. I'll be a return customer!
Nancy S.
17:26 22 Aug 22
I just want to say how amazing the guys who work here are. My tire went flat and I couldn’t get the lug nuts off. They not only did everything to help me get them lose but they made sure I was ok. I am so thankful for these guys. Thank you so much keep up the amazing work.
Brook P.
19:46 12 Aug 22
Easy in and out.
Donna M.
21:15 27 Jul 22
I love this place, super affordable
Lynn B.
15:21 24 Jul 22
Maaaaan. So fresh and so clean and shiny as can be😤💨💨💨💯💪🌊🏎🏁
Jermaine 83MAINE H.
21:03 12 Jul 22
This is a pretty good car wash!
Jason C.
16:54 03 Jul 22
Excelente servicio
José Miguel Nava C.
19:03 02 Jul 22
Honestly I wouldn't Take My SUV Anywhere Else To Get Washed, and I Love Being Able To Vaccum It Out With The Best Vaccums I've Ever Used, You Can't Beat The Price For What You Get At Club Car Wash, Put A Smile On Your Face When You Use Club Car Wash And Look Good Driving Away 🚗 😊, It's A No Brainer
20:29 20 Jun 22
They won't let u ride a skateboard through but other than that good price lol
ja K.
18:12 16 Jun 22
Great service great helpGreat job
Kathy H.
02:22 26 May 22
Love this place they do a good job become a member its alot easier
Tanya K.
15:11 17 May 22
You Can't Find a Better Deal on an Unlimited Car Wash than includes Free Vaccuming You do Yourself, and Believe Me When I Say Thier Vaccums Can Suck the Hair Off Your Head, They have the Perfect Nozzles that fit down between your seats and crevices and they even Supply damp towels for wiping down your dash and outside of your vehicle, Do Yourself and your car a Favor and Join The Club Car Wash Monthly Plan for $20.00 a Month and You'll be Thanking Me for My Advice 😊
16:41 13 May 22
Free vaccume
Sam S.
01:06 11 May 22
Cleaned my car really well after going on some dirt roads.
Travis E.
15:04 07 May 22
Nice car wash. Gets my car clean and pretty dry which is surprising as some others sometimes still leave lots of water. It’s in a nice area being right by town East. I would recommend them for sure. Only con is it’s a little pricey when doing a single wash. Vacuums are good and haven’t had any issues with them. 👍🏼
Mike M
03:27 18 Apr 22
These guys went above and beyond to wash a vehicle that didn't even belong to me. Not only did the manager on duty offer to help me unhitch the trailer but he was more than willing to watch over it and then help me reconnect it to the truck after I washed the vehicle. The staff was more than 110% and helpful. If I lived near this car wash I would go back at least two or three times a week because of their professionalism. I wished I had a thought to have taken more pictures sooner but I didn't.
Allen H.
02:47 17 Apr 22
I wash my car almost every day for same price I paid for 1 wash at my old car. I love my new Honda and my new car wash!
Lorie G.
03:06 14 Apr 22
Great wash!
Kristy P.
21:20 08 Apr 22
Excellent wash, very helpful and honest !!
Justin K.
13:01 04 Apr 22
Good car wash. Not bad pricesStill a good spot
Brandon P.
01:23 02 Apr 22
Very nice car wash, I purchased the rookie wash. The cashier offered towel to wipe down inside . The prewash workers did a great job getting most of the mud off . Finding out the rest of the mud was washed away. The car looked great. Employees were very kind & worked hard to take time & do it right. I did tip them generous for the way they treated my car .
Steve K.
17:29 30 Mar 22
Did pretty good wash
judy H.
22:12 24 Mar 22
Great, excellent. Job.
Greggory M.
20:31 21 Mar 22
Excellent service... Make sure you tip!!!
Roger B.
22:52 19 Mar 22
Best place in town to get your car washed! 🤩
C.J. J.
03:26 19 Mar 22
I have had Club Car Wash membership for a while now and it’s definitely worth it!
Svitlana H.
05:20 03 Mar 22
Worth every penny! The line moved quick... at least... after I remembered to put my car in neutral.
James W.
22:58 01 Mar 22
Very friendly with great customer service. I like the towels and vacuums. The manager is great!
Chris P.
21:24 16 Feb 22
I came here to wash my van and vacuum my carpet and cleaning my windows it looks so gorgeous, I love to come here to have my van clean it was amazing 👍
Jamal T.
02:16 12 Feb 22
Loved it...service was quick, I got my new Honda SUV cleaned/washed in 10-15 minutes. Plenty of space to vacuum for free, yes free, this place is great.It was my first time going to one of the bigger places. The kids out there are really friendly and hard working.Brendan: Manager...good guy, he's going places.
Javier G.
01:43 11 Feb 22
Son's favorite place!
Was great, but over priced
Terry Y.
20:36 19 Jan 22
Nice works
Bao T.
14:27 12 Jan 22
I was greeted by an extremely friendly young lady with a big smile and a bubbly demeanor. After purchasing the car wash, I drove up to the hoses and was directed by a bunch of helpers -- who politely assisted me in getting into the tracks of the machine. From there, it was smooth sailing. It was easily worth the $6 price, my car looks great!
Mason W.
20:31 09 Jan 22
Unlimited what can you ask for more
Henry S.
17:07 07 Jan 22
Free mother fathering vacuums. Decent priced car wash as well save nevertheless 100 percent stasfied with the we can't guarantee a clean car at the cheapest rate its like going to burger King and telling me well I cant guarantee the burger will be good unless you buy the more expensive option but the staff is friendly and the vacuum is free so good trade off.
11:19 07 Jan 22
Wonderful place. Pay once a month wash your car whenever. And they have some high suction vacuums.
ItsMad M.
22:25 01 Jan 22
Use them everything I go to town.
Brian K.
03:26 06 Dec 21
Well I finally went for a wash, easy and the suv came out clean. Good place, quick and affordable.
Kevin B.
19:24 05 Dec 21
Love keeping my truck clean and shiny. Club car wash does it. Be glad when they have more around the cities.
Beej T.
22:39 02 Dec 21
These guys take care of you
Donna S.
11:32 30 Nov 21
Do you still offer a military discount for elite service
Bob P
17:30 27 Nov 21
So easy to wash your vehicle and you're provided with a towel to use to dry and wipe down your vehicle too. Also have unlimited washes for a small fee each month, love it!!
Doug S.
02:27 18 Nov 21
Wayne R.
10:46 10 Nov 21
This is a carwash. You go there. They wash your car.
Guard B.
02:15 07 Nov 21
Oh this my new exclusive place to keep my vehicles 🚗 serviced and clean ! Price is the best in town I switched from zips and I appreciate the respect this business gives to veterans and active duty military!
John M.
11:10 31 Oct 21
Great staff
Granville H.
20:23 04 Oct 21
Washed the car here last weekend, great service, quick & easy.
Bryan P.
12:57 04 Oct 21

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